Viktor Orban says Hungary will not be pushed into war

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban issued stern remarks at a recent press conference and said that the Hungarian government will not allow the United States to push them into a war alliance with Ukraine, despite the immense pressure from the Biden administration.

"The United States has not given up its plan to squeeze everyone, including Hungary, into a war alliance, to go with the crowd," Orban said, according to ZeroHedge. "But I have made it clear several times, and Hungarian diplomacy has also expressed this, that the will of the Hungarian people is clear, and our knowledge of history is quite solid, so we will not allow this."

"We will not allow them to squeeze us into a war. We will not send any weapons, and we will not be involved in a conflict that is not our war," Orban explained.

The Hungarian Prime Minister criticized the United States for pressuring the country to get involved in a war that would only do harm to the interests of the Hungarian people, as the US fails to understand the geopolitical climate that Hungary is currently up against.

The Prime Minister's remarks come after President Biden's top Budapest diplomat, David Pressman, berated the Hungarian government in a recent press conference, and slammed the Prime Minister for not withdrawing its stake in Russia's International Investment Bank (IBB), according to ZeroHedge. The US imposed sanctions on IBB last week.

"We have concerns about the continued eagerness of Hungarian leaders to expand and deepen ties with the Russian Federation, despite Russia's ongoing brutal aggression against Ukraine and threat to transatlantic security," Pressman said.

Despite the disparaging remarks, Orban said that Pressman's claims were false and that the Hungarian government were forced to pull out of the IBB after the sanctions rendered the Bank inoperable.

During the press conference, Orban fired back at the Biden administration, and said that the United State's is ignorant to the geopolitical threats the country has faced since the beginning of the Russian/Ukrainian conflict, and has no room to criticize.

"When I hear about nuclear weapons, or that a Western European country is taking depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine, I think of Chernobyl," Orban said. "An American would never think of this, but we know that if something happens in Ukraine it's best if people don't go out into the streets, so we know what happened then."

"Or if in America they hear that someone died on the Ukrainian-Russian front, they obviously sympathize because it's a loss, but it is not the same feeling as ours, because I immediately think that the person who died could be a Hungarian person from Transcarpathia," the prime minister said.

“Everything that happens there becomes a part of our lives that very day," he added. "The dimension of the Americans is quite different, so I say that we rightly expect the United States to take note of Hungary's special situation, its proximity to Ukraine, and to understand that we are therefore on the side of peace and want to stay there."

The Orban administration has complied with all sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union, despite not wanting to participate, the outlet reports.

Although the prime minister is vastly upset with the Biden administration, Orban made clear that the disparaging remarks will not do permanent damage to the Hungarian-US. alliance, and said, "The American-Hungarian friendship must endure this difference of opinion."

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