Austrian pro-family activists protest against country's first ever 'drag queen story time'

Pro-family protesters took to the streets in Vienna to push back against the country’s first "drag queen story time" for children. The demonstration took place on Sunday, and it was apparently geared toward children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Catholic activist Alexander Tschugguel made a speech at the event, suggesting that it was time to stop the "anti-God, satanic spirit" that he equated with the drag show event, per Life Site News

The activist said that "we will not allow this in Austria, we will not become like the United States of America, we will not become like England, we will not become like Holland, where some deformed people appear in front of small children on public television."

The report noted that the pro-family protesters were separated by barricades from the pro-LGBT activists. There was also a large contingent of police officers present at the event. There was evidently an Antifa flag draped over a building in front of the protest.

The event received substantial media attention in the weeks leading up to the event, and it was reportedly supported by some politicians, including Werner Kogler of the Green Party. Due to the pro-family protests, there was a call by the Social-Democratic Party (SPO) and Green Party for the authorities to install "buffer zones" around the drag queen event, according to the report.

However, there was pushback by the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO). The head of Vienna’s FPO, Dominik Nepp, reportedly stated in a press release that the drag show is "an unacceptable premature sexualization of young children," going on to suggest that it should be forbidden, per Life Site News.

Nepp said: "There must be an end to propagating to children and young people that transgender or gender reassignment is something quite normal."

"Because there are only the biological sexes man and woman and nothing else. There is a scientific consensus about this. Therefore, any indoctrination to the contrary must be kept away from children."

According to a recent poll, the vast majority of Austrians disapprove of the idea of drag shows being shown to children. Life Site News noted that one of the country’s tabloid magazines suggested that 75 percent of Austrians disapproved of drag shows to different degrees. The data seems to reflect the same sentiment shared by Americans, with roughly three-quarters of Americans believing that viewership age to attend a drag show should be limited or banned altogether.

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