Suspect in Argentine femicide now claims to be a woman and demands charges be dropped

A turn of events transpired at a Bariloche, Argentina triple murder case of Fernando Alves Ferreira, after the accused declared in court that he identifies as a woman and requested a modification of charges of femicide against him. 

Alves Ferreira is accused of shooting Eduarda Santos de Almeida six times, resulting in her death on February 16, 2022, near Lago Escondido, Buenos Aires-based paper Perfil reports.

During the hearing, Alves Ferreira's lawyer, Nelson Vigueras, argued that his client perceives himself as a woman and should be referred to as Amanda Alves Ferreira. The defense also claimed that the defendant underwent treatment and began the procedures to change his sex before the incident.

The prosecutor, Martin Lozada, argued that the relationship between the defendant and the victim constituted a typical case of a dominant position of the man over the woman in a relationship of economic and emotional dependency. He stressed that this justifies a charge of femicide.

Despite Alves Ferreira's claims, the femicide charge modification was rejected, and the accusation was upheld by the judge, Juan Martin Arroyo. The case will now proceed to trial.

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