British MP makes 4 am phone call to colleague for help after finding himself naked in a brothel

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  • 04/02/2023
A senior member of Parliment in the UK was awoken by a phone call at 4 am to a desperate plea from a Tory MP on the other end: "I'm in a brothel. I don't know how I got here and I can't find my clothes."

The Daily Mail has confirmed it as having taken place at the end of Boris Johnson's term as prime minister last year after a night of partying among members of the British Parliment.

Whilst the identities of the sleepy senior and panicked PM on the 4am call have yet to be disclosed, whispers of Westminster continue to fuel the rumor mill.

The salacious story comes amid waves of controversy that have been plaguing Parliment regarding the questionable work ethics and hard partying culture of the UK's top officials.

The topic of "Pestminster" has been a recurring conversation since it was revealed that Boris Johnson held parties at the prime minister's residence whilst the rest of the world remained in lockdown during the the pandemic, a scandal that contributed to his eventual resignation.

Tory MP Julian Knight also found himself in hot water when it surfaced he was suspended from Parliment as the Metro Police investigated allegations of sexual assault against him. Although no formal charges were lodged following the investigation, the Tory whip's office said it would not restore Knight to his position following further complaints of his behavior.

The Mail reported that a whopping 70 complaints of inappropriate behavior had been alleged against 56 MPs and Parliment was looking at ways to address the situation.

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