TROON ANON: Man in devil's horns, face paint leads mob to support medical mutilation of children

A large, bearded man in full face paint and devil's horns led a crowd of trans activists in a chant of "shame" at the Kentucky state capital on Wednesday in support of child sex changes. The costume was identified as that of Baphomet, a goat man with long horns and wings worshipped by Satanists.

The activists, led by the devil man, believe they are in the right to demand that the state allow children to be medically mutilated in service to the idea that a person can change sex. Of course, a person cannot change sex, sex is not a mutable condition. When one is born female or male, they stay that way throughout their lives. No amount of medical intervention can change that fact. The majority of minors seeking sex change are female.

Trans activists, however, claim to believe that a person can not only be born in the wrong body but that medical technology can be employed to change the body to match an individual's mental conception of themselves. Moreover, they think that children are capable of identifying that their minds are meant to be in the bodies of the opposite sex and that these children, so-called "trans kids," should be medicalized with drugs to stop their natural development, and then follow-up drugs to give their bodies the appearance of the opposite sex.

For girls, these drugs will deepen their voice and make them grow facial hair and increased body hair. These girls are then encouraged to have their breasts surgically removed, and many do. There has been a drastic increase in the number of girls who claim to have been born in the wrong body. It is when these girls hit puberty and adult womanhood begins to take on reality that they declare they do not want to be women, and instead want to grow up to live as men.

For boys, the drugs soften their features, they develop breast buds, and their growth is stunted. Doctors who practice trans medicine have confirmed that boys whose puberty is blocked with drugs and then go on to take testosterone will never achieve orgasm. Notable "trans kid" Jazz Jennings, who was publicly transitioned on a reality TV show, got a children's book deal, and has been celebrated for having been given drugs and been castrated in service to gender ideology, has stated that he has never had an orgasm or sexual satisfaction. Jennings doesn't even understand the concept, and never will.

Kentucky's legislature said no to the medical mutilation of children, and they said it unequivocally. They passed legislation to ban child sex changes in that state, and when Governor Andy Beshear vetoed that bill, the legislature took another vote and slapped the veto down, overriding it.

In protest, this man in devil horns stood in the state capital building surrounded by activists carrying pre-printed signs reading "Listen to trans kids" and "Trans people belong." The crowd of teens with multi-colored hair and adults all chanted in unison with the devil-horned man, shouting "shame" at those lawmakers who dared to make it illegal to put children through sex changes in the state of Kentucky.

Sex change surgery, where the reproductive organs are removed, is a sterilizing procedure. Children who are medically transitioned will never grow up to have children. Many adults who undergo sex changes, such as Biden's trans diversity hire Rachel Levine, have had children prior to transition.

This devil-horned man who led the charge for children to undergo sex changes in Kentucky, for children to become sterilized, to never have fulfilling sexual experiences or become parents, is doing so not out of love, but in service to a warped, Satanic belief system.

Trans activists should question their beliefs as soon as they find themselves being led by a Satanic man in devil horns declaring that children should be mutilated in service to an ideology they claim to stand for. Evil is at the head of the movement to destroy children, their reproduction, and their sexual function. The man in the devil horns is just the latest example of this reality.

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