POSOBIEC: Macron is forcing ‘The Great Reset’ on France by doing the WEF’s bidding

Jack Posobiec slammed French President Emmanuel Macron recently on Human Events Daily, charging him with dragging France into the arms of the World Economic Forum (WEF), as part of what he referred to as The Great Reset. 

Posobiec kicked off the segment, saying that Macron and his government is trying to use special constitutional powers to force through an unpopular pension bill without a vote. So he's acting like a king himself.”

Posobiec, of course, is referring to the country-wide protests that have erupted across France after Macron forced through a bill that would raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 years of age.

He continued: “These riots have been so bad that King Charles has now delayed his state visit to France amid the wave of riots, protests and violence. So we read in Paris [that] tear gas and water cannons have been fired at protesters, and police have been injured. The French government, last week, announced that it was going to be postponing this, but you look at some of this stuff. The burning garbage cans, the protesters being hit. They're saying it's all just pension reform.”

Posobiec goes on to mention that the issue in France is that the government has run out of the people’s money, noting what Margaret Thatcher famously said that the issue with socialism is that the government eventually runs out of the people’s money. And Posobiec suggested that this is what is currently transpiring in France.

He continued: “[Macron has] always been in the back pocket of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. The big bankers, he is their man. He is their guy.”

Posobiec noted that Macron has previously worked at Rothschild and Seebach, suggesting that Macron has always come under the influence of prominent bankers.

He goes on: “So when we look at this guy [Macron], when we understand that he's instrumental in bringing France along the path of the World Economic Forum, bringing along Western Europe through the great reset, bringing eventually China into Europe, because they want China to be the manufacturing base. They understand that this is the way the trade is going to go. They have no ability whatsoever to have any actual manufacturing of their own.”

“And so instead of doing anything for the people, what's Macron doing, he's decided to attack them and keep them on these images.” Posobiec also mentions the “Yellow Vest” protests, which took place a few years ago.

It is currently unclear what Macron plans to do about the violent protests that have erupted across the country, but there have been suggestions that he intends to let it continue until it fizzles.

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