LIBBY EMMONS: The progressive cult weaponizes compassion to promote child sex changes, radical trans ideology

The following originally aired on Human Events Daily.

Everyone wants to figure out how we got here, how did we get to a place where men think they are women if they say they are, teen girls believe cutting their breasts off will make them male, and parents seek to inject their kids with drugs to stop their natural development in service to the lie that human beings can change sex.

We got here through the weaponization of compassion, the emergence of a feminist fascism, and a willingness to declare that lies are truth.

Though the threads of this movement likely go back further into the past than I can recall, I watched much of this emerge in my own lifetime.

We went from the political correctness movement of the late 80s and 1990s into the elevation of oppression as a virtue and straight into the grievance culture of identity politics. 

We obliterated our God, we told ourselves that reality is relative, and we embraced death over life.

With the reframing of abortion as health care, and the willingness to sterilize children and teens with child sex changes in order to help them achieve their goals to remake their physical appearance, we have said, as a culture, that human reproduction is not as important or essential as looking the way you want, or living without responsibilities or encumbrances.

These are adult perspectives and adult wants, and as a justification of those wants, adults foist them onto children. They have men in drag read to impressionable preschoolers, telling us that this is so little kids know it's okay to be different, but actually it is leading, it is grooming, it is telling them not to trust their own bodies.

Grown men like Rachel Levine tell us trans kids exist because those men want to believe that they are not living out a fetish but were actually innately the opposite sex from birth. They mutilate our children in service to their own desires.

Universities and institutions have adopted and internalized these ideas, pumping out books, articles, and graduates that seek to destroy our culture in the name of liberating it. Educators, librarians, artists, doctors and politicians see themselves as activists in service to a mission, and we know that one cannot serve two masters at once.

Our culture and its purveyors are slaves to ideology, and they refuse to see or acknowledge truth.

Where does that leave us?

It leaves us with children and teens living their lives online, creating avatars of themselves and then living through these avatars. They are barely dating, they are definitely not mating, and they are so scared of their own bodies and futures that they seek to disrupt them before either can even mature.

Gender is appearance, and how a teen feels about their gender is not based on internal factors, but external ones. Gender is about how you look, how other people look at you, and how they way they look at you makes you feel. The contemporary condition of gender is outside in.

We are left less with a culture than with a death cult that sees the self as the one true god, gender as the externally visible soul, and prays at the altar of destruction with the butchered offering of child sacrifice.

The only way forward is to refuse to speak or believe lies, to stand firmly on the truth, and allow children to grow up whole.

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