MORGAN ZEGERS: Save your children from the woke teachers targeting them

History proves bad things happen when government authorities begin replacing the family unit. One classic approach is for the dictator and his regime to build a narrative that the people are his “children” and he is the “father” they must rely on.

A more generational approach is for the regime to raise and educate the children of a nation to believe they should trust the regime and its leaders more than their own parents, similar to what happened in Communist China. In China’s Cultural Revolution, children turned on their parents after being indoctrinated in government schools, even going as far as reporting their parents for violating the communist regime’s thought control measures, knowing it would lead to their imprisonment, torture, or even death.

This mindset is becoming more common among liberal politicians. We hear rhetoric from the left that describes kids as society’s children, and it is the job of society as a whole to teach and raise children. This may sound appealing to some, but what they really mean is this: they know what’s best for your kids more than you do.

Today, we have teachers following in the footsteps of communist regimes of the 20th Century. Across the country, woke teachers tell their classrooms of little, easily-manipulated children to come to them as a parent figure if they don’t feel supported at home by their actual parents.

Not only do they attempt to replace a child’s own familial ties, but they are cocky enough to gloat about it online. Here are just a few examples that have shocked me recently from teachers across the country:

This queer teacher shares her sexuality in her classroom, and makes sure her students know she’s happy to replace their mother if their real mom doesn’t support them:

This teacher uses his students in a video to mock the protection of children from sexualization in the classroom:

This teacher says the fight for “parents’ rights” on the right is just fascism.

And last, this elementary school teacher has an entire pride library that teaches her students a doctor assigns your gender at birth, but you can always change it!

I fully understand that not every American can snap their fingers and start homeschooling their children, but I do ask everyone to look into the options that are out there. Education is a state-level policy issue (for the most part), so please look into the opportunities and restrictions in your state.

Whether positive change for your family looks like getting involved in public school board meetings, monitoring the local curriculum, looking into a charter school, or homeschooling, know there are a variety of choices for you and your family to break free from this indoctrination system.

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