POSOBIEC: South Africa Is a 'Sneak Preview' of Things To Come Here in the United States

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec broke down the situation in South Africa and the collapse of its energy grid.

New Zealand Herald reports that South Africa faces civil war conditions due to the possibility of power grid collapse.

"South Africa is on the verge of 'collapse' amid rolling blackouts and warnings a total power grid failure could lead to mass rioting on the scale of a 'civil war,'" per the Herald.

"Western embassies including the United States and Australia have advised their citizens in the country to stock up on 'several days’ worth' of food and water and be on high alert during extended blackouts sweeping the country. New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade advises 'exercise extreme caution' due to strikes and demonstrations. 'There have been outbreaks of violence primarily directed toward refugees and other African migrants throughout South Africa. Violence could occur again at short notice and bystanders could be caught up.'"

"The president of South Africa is currently being sued by members of the opposition party and other South Africans who claim that he is not providing energy because of his policies. These policies include that inside their constitution that they have Critical Race Theory that includes ensuring that every institution has the racial makeup of the country."

Reading from the South African Mail and Guardian, Posobiec reads: "In papers filed in reply to a constitutional challenge on load-shedding, president Cyril Ramaphosa has said that it does not constitute a dereliction of duty on his part or that of national government as the law places the responsibility for electricity provision on municipalities."

He argues that "in terms of part B of schedule 4 to the Constitution, electricity and gas reticulation is a competence of local government."

"It is now accepted that municipalities are in law required to provide water and electricity to their people as a matter of public duty," Ramaphosa said. "This duty does not lie with the president or any of the national departments cited herein as respondents."

Posobiec slammed the president, asking "how long before this guy flees the country?"

"I want to explain something. Do you actually think that this is only a problem in South Africa? No, South Africa is just ahead of the curve when it comes to us... This is a sneak preview of things to come because here in the United States, we're pursuing the exact same policies, aren't we?

"Aren't we trying to make it so that the class of Stanford looks more like America, but it's only 22% of white Americans that are coming in, when that's not the demographic makeup for our country... You're instituting racial quotas for Ivy League, we know this because they're kicking Asians out... If you are Asian or you are a white American, make sure that you never ever put that on your college application.

"In places like South Africa they've instituted racial quotas even in their power system," said Posobiec. "They don't care about the best person for the job."

"You want to run your country as good as possible."

"You can't make everyone equal. Why? Because that's what the Bolsheviks tried. And you're going to come in here and say, 'we're going to institute a new form of Communism, we're going to have race Communism to have everybody equal in terms of racial outcomes,' which doesn't even make sense anyway because inside every racial group you're going to have certain individuals who are better at certain things, so you're even forcing those people of those groups to be put into certain boxes, or to be elevated or oppressed, actually... because of the color of their skin.

"I'm arguing for meritocracy," Posobiec said.

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