POSOBIEC: Put Criminals In Jail, Crime Will Go Down—El Salvador Is Proof

Human Events Daily's Jack Posobiec broke down El Salvador's extremely successful crackdown on crime at the hands of the satanic MS-13 gang. With President Nayid Bukele at the helm, the Central American country once known for its high crime has not seen a homicide in over 300 days. For reference, the previous administration did not have a single day without homicides in four years. 

Posobiec introduced the show with video showing an operation that transferred 2,000 gang members to the Center for the Confinement of Terrorism, the new largest prison in the Americas which can keep over 40,000 prisoners. 

"I see on Reuters, they called them 'suspected gang members.' Oh, suspected, really? Because I don't know if you know those tattoos, those little ink drawings, those deciphered hieroglyphics on their faces, that's not some arbitrary Rorschach test," Posobiec said. "... What do you think happens if you put gang tattoos on your face but you're not actually a member. I'll give you three guesses, but you probably only need one." 

"A lot of people are attacking the president of El Salvador, saying 'how could you do this? Have mass arrests and lock up all these people... It's fascism.'" Posobiec said, before stating that El Salvador has cut its murder rate in half in just a year.

The violent MS-13 gang, which has thousands of members in the United States, is a violent street gang that originated in Los Angeles, initially as a way to protect El Salvadorian immigrants, but eventually turned into a more traditional trafficking gang. The gang is famous for its cruelty, especially towards women. Initiations into the gang involve raping women at random, and women who join the gang must be raped by members. 

The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at the University of California-Hastings Law School reported that Central American femicides are carried out with "horrific brutality" and that bodies are burned with their hands and feet bound, with "the majority of the victims suffer[ing] torture and sexual abuse before dying." 

The gang is also known for its connections to Satanic worship, with gang members having previously told police in the past that they feel the devil work through them, and that they kill to help feed "the beast."

The murder rate went from 103 per 100,000 habitants in 2015, to 7.8 per 100,000 in 2022.

Posobiec notes that the responses to El Salvador's success have been "insane," and asked the important question, "is it really just that easy" to make a country safer and stop violent crime? 

"There's no secret that in El Salvador and in the United States, the percentage of people that commit murders, the demographic that commit murders in the United States is very small... and committing shootings. If you're able to target that group of people committing the shootings and homicides, you're locking them up and keeping them locked up then guess what, the violent crime goes down," Posobiec said.

Image: Title: posobiec