Far-Left Activists Crash Biden's D.C. Dinner Date, Demand End to War in Ukraine

Members of the far-left activist group Code Pink crashed President Joe Biden's dinner date in Washington D.C. on Saturday, demanding he push through negotiations to end the conflict in Ukraine and lift sanctions on communist Cuba. 

"President Biden, I hate to bother you, we need to end this war in Ukraine. We need to push through negotiations!" one protester shouted. "I hate to bother you but people are dying."

Another protester demanded Biden lift sanctions on Cuba, which remains listed as a state sponsor of terrorism by the State Department. "I hate to bother you, I'll happily leave but I hope that we push for peace talks and negotiations and take Cuba off the state-sanctioned terrorist list," she demanded, before they were removed from the premises.

The group, which describes itself as a "feminist grassroots organization working to support peace & human rights & end U.S. wars & militarism," is in fact a far-left organization that seeks to promote the interests of foreign dictatorships including Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela. 

Members regularly hold demonstrations to get their points across. Although women lead the group, men are also encouraged to participate. 

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