The Truth About Secret Societies

Human Events Executive Editor Brent Hamachek sat down with retired Professor of History Richard Spence to talk about secret societies. In this hour-long interview, the two cover what defines a secret society, why people are drawn to them, and why there can be confusion as to what they do, and don't, represent. 

They also discuss the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and the often-referenced father of the occult, Aleister Crowley.

"Speaking with Professor Spence was a privilege.  I admire the intellectual integrity he brings to a subject that just keeps growing in influence in today's world, one rich with ideas about conspiracies in every direction."

Spence makes clear that conspiracies are not only real, but necessary for a revolution to take place.  He also warns of how it can be easy to be fooled by confirmation bias while trying to connect conspiracy dots. 

Hamachek and Spence plan to continue these discussions over the next few months.

Spence's new audiobook lecture series, Secrets of the Occult, can be found here. 

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