Posobiec and Masako Ganaha Reveal How WEF Has Made Japan a 'Puppet of the CCP'

On the Sunday Special episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec spoke with Japanese YouTuber and International Journalist Masako Ganaha to discuss the ever-growing influence the CCP has in Japan and how some of that influence manifests through the World Economic Forum.

"So in what ways do you find that Japan has become a puppet of the CCP?" Posobiec asked.

"How can I say that (the) Japanese government is just a puppet actually in Japan?" Masako responded. "Let me tell you the atmosphere in Japan first of all, if you are to talk about (the) World Economic Forum, or if you mentioned the name Klaus Schwab, then you are considered to be (the) crazy person."

In November, World Economic Forum founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab sat down for an interview with Chinese Communist Party-owned broadcaster CGTN and commended China's "achievements." Schwab suggested the nation could be a "role model" for others around the world.

Masako told Posobiec that there is a lot of "propaganda going on" aimed at stopping criticism of the WEF in Japan. She also noted that current Japanese leadership implements policy "based on what they decide what have been decided in Davos."

She spoke to the lack of transparency between Japan and Davos but said the consequence is "Our government is not even a player. They're just puppets."

The pair also discussed the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Posobiec noted that Abe was "supportive of Japanese nationalism, supportive of a strong defense," and "was known as a conservative."

Masako said there were "many mysteries" around his death, especially with speculation his assassination had some connection to the CCP.

She added that censorship in Japan contributes to the lack of transparency. Posobiec noted that Japan, unlike the US, does not have a First Amendment and right to free speech.

"We have huge censorship," Masako said. "So if actually, if you were to talk about topics like World Economic Forum, or CCP, then they will take down your video. And actually, I have a YouTube channel and I got two strikes. One is the video I talked about CCP. And one year later, I published a video on CCP threats to Japan."

Masako also explained how the Japanese government took her video down and sent her an email, "saying that this video violates our policy. So they took down my content."

Masako also addressed propaganda on her home island of Okinawa and said, "It's a little island located in the southern part of Japan. This island is particularly targeted for decades by CCP. That's why I started my journalism and we have local news to newspapers, heavily infiltrated from CCP."

She also mentioned how the CCP target Japan's southernmost region, Okinawa, and the northernmost region of Hokkaido in an attempt to divide and conquer the country.

Masako concluded by explaining how the CCP exploit through propaganda the cultural and ethnic differences of the occupants of Okinawa and Hokkaido, both colonial additions to mainland Japan during the county's nineteenth-century expansion.


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