Human Events' Brent Hamachek to Give Atlas Society Presentation on Objectivist Ethics in Business

Human Events Executive Editor Brent will be sharing insights into how to apply the ethics of Objectivism – Ayn Rand’s individualist philosophy– to the business world, in a one-of-a-kind virtual presentation next week. 

Hamachek is slated to give a presentation on “how to bring Objectivist Ethics to your business life” during The Atlas Society’s Clubhouse Happy Hour event Tuesday at 4pm ET.

Hamachek will be sharing insights into what he calls “applied Objectivism” within the context of the business world.

“It’s a way to take a philosophy, which can feel abstract, and show businesspeople how to really use it,” he says. “I also want to warn them of the challenges they will face when they deploy Objectivist ethics in what is, at best, an ethics-neutral world.”

This is to help prevent attendees from ever again having to say, “I really wish I hadn’t done that,” Hamachek says. 

Objectivist ethics are particularly useful in business, Hamachek says, because “The vast majority of people, and I mean virtually all, operate without any defined ethical construct.”

“That means that when they face a difficult situation, they face it on their own absent any ethical system to turn to for guidance,” he explained. “Their decisions end up being random, inconsistent, and often regrettable to them in hindsight.”

Atlas Society Fundraising and Operations Coordinator Scott Schiff told Human Events that the organization is “very much looking forward to” the event.

“Productive work was of fundamental importance to Ayn Rand, making Brent’s application of Objectivist ethics to business very relevant, especially as we see woke corporations increasingly moving away from reason in their leadership,” said Schiff.

“For me, this is a professional bucket list moment,” says Hamachek. “I’ve been greatly influenced by Objectivist ethics since first being introduced to Ayn Rand’s writings back in college. To get a chance to share my experience on behalf of the Atlas Society with their audience, on the backend of my career, is a privilege.”

The Atlas Society promotes “open Objectivism: the philosophy of reason, achievement, individualism, and freedom.” The organization hosts several Clubhouse shows per month, many of them featuring its scholars.

“It gives the audience a chance to interact in real-time with Objectivist and Ayn Rand-inspired thinkers,” says Schiff.”

Those interested in attending can do so by downloading the Clubhouse app and joining the Atlas Society group. RSVPing to the event will initiate the process.

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