Woke Definition of 'Woman' as an Identity Puts Women and Girls at Risk, Libby Emmons Tells Posobiec

Every culture around the world has a word to describe the adult female of our species. In English, that word is woman, and everyone knows what a woman is because every single person on the planet was brought into the world by one. But those on the political left in the first decades of the 21st century are required to pretend not to know what a woman is, and to pretend that men can be women, and even those who claim to be feminists on the left must go along with this absurd fiction.

According to The Post Millennial Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons, this is because feminists have been coerced into believing this nonsensical lie. In an interview with Jack Posobiec Tuesday, Emmons said that liberal “feminists have been totally bludgeoned by their own compassion” and “coerced into stating that men can be women, [and] that men can be lesbians.”

During a discussion about the way the Loudoun County Public School Board covered up the story of a teenage girl being assaulted in a girls’ bathroom by a male student who identified as “genderfluid,” Emmons pointed to the fact that the Cambridge Dictionary recently changed the meaning of the word woman to mean an identity rather than the material reality of being an adult human female.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a woman is now “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.” 

It is impossible to protect the rights of a group that cannot even be defined, so by eroding the definition of woman, the modern trans rights movement has succeeded in eroding the rights of women and girls.

“Cambridge dictionary has changed the word woman to no longer mean adult human female, but to instead mean someone who feels like an adult human female, whatever that means,” said Emmons. “Woman is now defined as an identity as opposed to a biological reality.”

Emmons believes that those on the Loudoun County School Board who failed to address the alleged assault of a teenage girl by a male student who identified as “genderfluid” did so because they believed being a woman or a girl is an identity, not as a biological reality. It is difficult to see the crime as male violence against girls if you don’t see the alleged attacker as being male.

Posobiec suggested that the reluctance of many on the left to believe the victims and to address the issue comes from the fact that adopting an LGBTQ identity puts people above scrutiny these days.

“Wrapping yourself in the LGBTQ pride flag gives you like a cloak of invisibility that you can then go and commit your crimes,” said Posobiec, adding that all those in power who are blinded by gender ideology will be unable to see the “groomer” or “rapist.”

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