Zero Republican Professors in More Than Half of Surveyed University Departments

A recent survey carried out by the conservative higher education news outlet, The College Fix, has revealed that a shockingly large number of university departments don't have a single Republican professor teaching any subjects.

A total of 65 departments, primarily those in the humanities, across seven universities were analyzed, with 33 of those departments having zero Republican professors identified within them.

Only 61 Republican professors were identified across the entire survey, compared to 667 Democrats, who are outnumbering their GOP counterparts 11 to 1.

"These results should be another wake-up call that higher education is severely biased and broken," said Jennifer Kabbany, editor-in-chief of The College Fix.

"The foxes are guarding the hen house," she said. "If parents, politicians and watchdogs wonder why students go into college as innocent and eager 18-year-olds and come out four years later as mouth-breathing progressive-socialist Democrats, look no further than the people teaching them what to think day in and day out at college."

The fact that six of the seven schools analyzed were in primarily Republican states, the results across the board showed the same patterns.

"What that tells us is regardless of who voters put in office, lawmakers are not taking seriously enough the insidious problem of liberal bias in colleges and universities," Kabbany stated.

Another survey from earlier in the year, focusing on University of North Carolina campuses, revealed that conservative students are finding themselves having to self-censor their opinions out of fear that they would be penalized by their liberal-minded professors.

"Higher education is one of the most important battlegrounds for the heart, soul and mind of this nation," Kabbany added. "Legislatures have the power to ensure employment laws are followed, and that includes protecting candidates from being discriminated against because of their beliefs."

The fear of breaking rank with the liberal rhetoric is exacerbated by the continued stifling of opposing viewpoints on campuses.

Last month, a group of far-left masked activists descended upon an event at the University of New Mexico featuring Human Events Senior Contributor Charlie Kirk, screaming and chanting expletives while police held them back.

Earlier in the year at the same Albuquerque campus, a Tomi Lahren speaking event at the same university was violently shut down.

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