Charlie Kirk and James Lindsay Discuss How Twitter's Liberation Could Spell the Downfall of the Left

Charlie Kirk hosted the author and critic James Lindsay on his show on Monday to discuss how the liberation of Twitter by Elon Musk could spell the end of the road for the elitist left.

Kirk opened up the discussion by talking about how the "regime" will no longer be able to shut up Twitter and control the narrative.

"They, the regime, has to be able to shut up Twitter. If they can't, I'm not sure how they're ever able to hold on to power," he says, going on to ask his guest, "What are your thoughts?"

"I agree with you completely," Lindsay responded. "They have to be able to control the narrative from every single angle ... They must maintain the boundary of that circle and keep people in it."

"Being red-pilled is actually seeing outside of it, or stepping outside of it," he adds, referencing the hit movie, The Matrix, where taking the red pill shows a willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth.

"It's not a political designation and it doesn't mean you become MAGA, or a Trump voter, or join turning point tomorrow or anything [like that] to become red-pilled," Lindsay says. "But you probably will end up doing things like that."

Lindsay himself had for a long time been a supporter of the Democrats, and even once volunteered for Obama, but has since become disillusioned with the liberal establishment.

"If you see through the illusion, you realize that you're being kept in a narrative," he says, going on to describe how when there's free and open dialogue in society, the people in control of that narrative lose all power "and what comes out is truly a second enlightenment, a second gigantic liberation, of the mind of man."

Kirk speculated that society may not be advancing as quickly as it could because of the "regime of political correctness and the stifling of speech," arguing that even the invention of the printing press and other technologies have been another means of controlling the narrative and holding back humanity.

Lindsay also discussed how quickly the internet was able to cut through the narratives surrounding Covid and the knee-jerk lockdown policies.

"The experts were made fools of within months, within weeks, really," he says, "and that's the kind of thing that they're stymieing so that they can hold on to their power."

"Everyday normal people having full enfranchisement in their society, which they've been completely removed from, is what moves society in a strong and good direction," Lindsay states. "It's what allows us to flourish."

"It's what allows us to build lives, to build the systems and the networks that actually provide for human life to be good and meaningful and enjoyable," he added.

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