WATCH: Posobiec and Former Green Beret Jim Hanson Discuss Musk's Purchase of Twitter 'Crime Scene'

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec explained how Twitter owner Elon Musk purchased a "crime scene" by buying Twitter, noting that it is now for the first time that we can say definitively that Twitter interfered with an election.

"Elon Musk has announced publicly and stated publicly that Twitter as a company and as a communications platform unequivocally interfered in elections. For some of us we can say, no surprise, we know. Here's the thing, folks. There's what you know, and here's what you can prove in court. And there's a big difference between the two," said Posobiec.

"We all know intuitively and demonstrably that Twitter interfered in elections for their preferred candidates, but Elon Musk, he went a step further," said Posobiec. "He didn't just buy a company, a big tech firm. He purchased a crime scene, and these people never thought for a second that their internal communications, that their internal decisions, would be in the hands of someone who would provide them oversight, transparency, and scrutiny, or maybe someone who just wasn't as woke as they are. Someone who could come forward and tell the entire world about what they have done."

Former Green Beret and the author of "Get Based" Jim Hanson joined the program to discuss the situation with Twitter.

"After we saw that homeless monk at the beginning of the show all the lies they didn't do, it's good to hear Elon saying not just transparency and accountability, but responsibility, and I think there's going to be some because they did, they interfered with an election successfully," said Hanson. "They suppressed a story damaging to Joe Biden, and they did so knowingly because they didn't think they were going to face that scrutiny."

Posobiec then asked, "We're both in DC. Do you think this is something that comes up before the new congress going into next year? 

Hanson said, "We have been talking with the House Oversight committee and members of the senate about providing them with information. My company WorldStrat did an analysis of the censorship and disinformation campaign about Hunter's laptop, and we spread it out, and used the same kind of AI software that we used to track criminals and terrorist groups, and we mapped this."

"We're going to provide that to them, and they're going to use that and the evidence they get from Twitter and Elon, and also from just regular discovery. It's going to be painful for the Woke Mob," Hanson said.

Posobiec called that "incredible," saying that we would "peel back the layers on what's actually been going on in our country."

"I think people understand that our elections our system, we feel like there's something wrong...Whether it be the way we hold our elections...the way we communicate and share information. I remember back in 2016, even the idea of someone being banned on Twitter just sounded strange... Today, you wake up, and you go, 'look at who got banned today.' They never really thought this would happen, did they?"

"No, the left's not used to facing scrutiny, said Hanson. "That's the advantage we have. They've been operating with the idea that because they control all of the institutions and organs of information, no one was going to be able to do this again."

"Now that we're getting the chance to dig inside a bit, all of their machinations are going to be visible and it's not a pretty picture. There's no way for an American right now to ask a question online and get an answer that has not been filtered through a woke agenda. I'm sorry, that's not acceptable. We're going to set out to change it. We've been working on it for a while," Hanson said.

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