Bar Association Drops LSAT Requirement to Increase Diversity in Law School

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This month, the American Bar Association voted to drop the LSAT and other standardized tests as requirements for law school admissions. The intent here merely confirms that these esteemed places of higher education are mostly hedge funds with classrooms attached.  
The education complex is a cash cow. According to the Department of Education’s website, annually, federal agencies receive funding from Congress, and in 2022, the Department of Education had $235.74 billion dollars to distribute.  “ED's mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.” The result; America is no longer globally competitive, and educational excellence isn’t fostered.
Federal injections of taxpayer cash fund the New World Order’s ideology, and only the West takes the direct hit. It demands that America is no longer exceptional, as exemplified by the Obama/Biden goal of transforming America. Lowering standards is masterfully marketed as opposition to white supremacy. Schools are needed to indoctrinate, not teach, but to admit it outright would jeopardize taxpayers’ obligations. 
Why is testing being scrapped? Why are traditional measures providing a benchmark of an individual’s ability done away with that help decide which school is a right fit?
Control masked as diversity.
There are many, many schools. Not everyone belongs in those once considered academically superior. There are myriad options. But in the name of diversity, everyone is entitled to the same diluted crap, and it comes at an expense.  
The ABA concluded testing requirements hamper diversity in admissions. Translation, certain people are not up to snuff by the ABA’s barometer of educational and intellectual heft. By dumbing down, punishing those that work hard or are naturally gifted, the gaslight is that diversity will be achieved. 
It’s a lie. Top-notch professors are no longer needed to teach incoming students of a lower caliber. This is part of the plan; older teachers that actually taught traditional academics are being replaced. It seems like the ones given the boot, Whites and Jews, are considered not diverse according to the Left.
NYU chemistry professor, Maitland Jones Jr., was fired after fifteen years because students complained that his class was too hard and difficult to pass. This defines the students NYU accepts rather than the professor. In a Newsweek article, Hispanic principal Manuel Ureña, of New York City's High School of Art and Design was accused of systematically removing White and Jewish teachers. Several teachers sued Ureña, claiming he fabricated reports against Jewish and white teachers so he could fire them. As reported in the New York Post, Bronx superintendent Karen Ames, says her career was destroyed by former DOE Chancellor Carranza’s “equity” agenda and filed a $150 million lawsuit. Her claim is that she was fired only because she is over forty and Jewish. 
The LSAT, or Law School Admission Test, tracks a prospective student's reasoning and reading comprehension. It is used to assess how he or she will navigate classes. It can only be concluded that navigating a class is no longer important.
Why limit lower standards only to the quality of lawyers? Maybe pilots shouldn’t have to test. What about doctors and dentists? Who’s up for an open-heart surgery from a “doctor”, part of the testing refugee group? What about scientists - oh, forget that, we just lived through two years of mandated masks and “vaccines” to stop a virus that didn’t stop a virus.
We’re at a place where woke policies are going to bankrupt institutions that champion an unsustainable business model and break adherents to the grift. One very recent example: the $32 billion dollar bankruptcy of FTX was a construct of its founders as “effective altruism,” a dystopian dream of giving reparations to countries that the Left thinks have suffered from the American manufacture of the internal combustion engine.
Myriad institutions are reversing their two-year woke stance because it has been a financial albatross. Chain stores have closed multiple locations, firing employees, and leaving gaping holes in neighborhoods that have now turned into homeless dens. Earnings are down, and not only because of the Left’s inflation but because certain companies are stocked with woke crap that no one wants, creating a massive inventory problem and constipating our supply chain. Elon Musk fired half of the Twitter employees, recognizing remote workers managing bots and suppressing real news are useless. He leveled the ultimatum, work “hardcore” or leave. Even Disney can’t stomach itself anymore.  Its stock continued to tank, down 41% so far this year, and so effective immediately, Bob Iger is returning as CEO and replacing Bob Chapek.  It’s hard to guess why - maybe parents don’t want to have sex and obesity foisted onto their four-year-olds.
The American experiment was successful for more than 200 years. It was long understood that the success of that experiment was a break from aristocracy and the divine right to be placed at the top of society. The American experiment was to allow merit to succeed and eventually lead. That was long understood to be American exceptionalism; ie., it existed only in America and not in any other country. The mantra of the Obama/Biden administration was that America wasn’t exceptional and fundamentally transforming it was key. That’s the basis of removing merit by so-called diversity under the guise of rejecting white supremacy. The focus should not be on what is called white supremacy. Instead, everyone would be better off if we could simply settle on merit supremacy being a beneficial model for all.

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