POSOBIEC: Elon Musk Is Exposing SBF-Funded Media, Just Like Trump Went After Fake News

On Wednesday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec discussed disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman Fried's investments in far-left media outlets, and praised Elon Musk for publicly calling out the lack of journalistic integrity after one of those outlets went after him.

Posobiec suggested that Musk was beginning to do to the media what Trump had been doing for years, but for a different audience.

Posobiec began by going down the list of far-left outlets that had received funding from SBF, including Vox, ProPublica, The Intercept, and Semafor, the brand new outlet created by Buzzfeed founder Ben Smith.

Also on the list was the Law and Justice Journalism Project. Posobiec pointed out that given its name, "you can just go ahead and put in the bank right now that that thing is some kind of creepy NGO financed by left-wing mega donors" like SBF and George Soros.



"Here's what's happening folks," Posobiec continued. "We're learning how the sausage is made. We're learning the dirty little secrets behind the scenes in all of these media organizations, and it turns out they're the same as everybody else; it's worse than you thought."

He pointed out that there was a lot of money being passed around from donors to far-left media groups, noting that Semafor alone had raised $25 million, including a substantial amount from SBF.

"They've been going after Elon a lot," Posobiec said of Semafor. "Elon Musk is responding by saying Semafor is owned by SBF; this is a massive conflict of interest in your reporting. Journalistic integrity is trash."

He went on to suggest that Musk was exposing the media in the same way Trump had, but for a different audience. Like Trump supporters, who agree with the former president when he calls out left-wing outlets for being "fake news," those in the cryptosphere, tech bros, and others also share concerns about the state of journalism.

Posobiec explained that while these groups do not overlap completely, they are united in their belief that the media is corrupt.

"We are all pointing out that we can see the truth, we can see it in front of our eyes," he said, noting that many who share the same sentiments are of the left, and are diametrically opposed to the right on many issues. "But, we agree on this: the media lies, and that there are powerful institutions and organizations that are behind that lying."

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