Anticipated Autobiography of Dr. Zelenko Now Available to the Public

The long-anticipated autobiography of Dr. Valdimir “Zev” Zelenko, co-authored by Human Events Executive Editor Brent Hamachek is on sale today. 

The book, titled Zelenko: How to Decapitate the Serpent, was compiled from 60 hours of recorded interviews and many hours of personal conversations between Hamachek and Zelenko.

Hamachek says that “people who were who are genuinely curious about learning the inside story about what happened to one of the most public figures during the pandemic," should absolutely read the book. Readers will learn “what he learned, how he was treated, how he persevered, and the perspective that he attained after having gone through all of it.”

But the second type of person who should read the book, Hamachek says, is “the person who knows in their heart that they would like to be a more critical and skeptical thinker and is looking for someone to show them the pathway to get there.”

“Zev believed that all of us have the capability within us to understand the difference between right and wrong, and the ability to choose whether or not to embrace good or evil,” said Hamachek. “So if he were alive, looking at the events today, he'd be hoping the same thing that he would have been hoping during his life, and that is that people would understand right from wrong, and they would choose good instead of evil.”

The book is being released just months after Zelenko lost his battle with cancer, but not before becoming one of the most high-profile dissidents of the Covid era. In addition to creating the early Covid treatment that has become known as the “Zelenko protocol,” he was also one of the first medical professionals to publicly question the efficacy of the Covid vaccines and to criticize Covid vaccine mandates.

According to Hamachek, 100% of the proceeds from Amazon purchases of the book will go to the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, an organization that describes itself as being “organized exclusively to provide funding to social entities and social activities surrounding education, leadership development, health literacy, advocacy, public policy, social, health and community development.”

In addition to encouraging everyone to buy a copy of the book for themselves, Hamachek is also encouraging people to buy copies for family and friends, as well as a copy to donate to their local library, "so that the book is widely available for everyone to read.”

In June, Zelenko said that he felt “privileged” to be able to bring the book’s message to the world.

“I feel privileged to be able to bring to the world a truthful narrative, directly witnessed by me, that may help raise the level of consciousness for humanity. And hopefully, lead people to make better decisions going forward,” said  Zelenko.

“Co-authoring Zev’s autobiography is one of the greatest honors of my life,” said Hamachek “This book is a powerful look at the man who risked it all to courageously make a stand for medical freedom and the truth. Working with Zev on this project changed my life, I hope that by reading it – it will change yours too.”



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