POSOBIEC: The Musk Takeover Is About Not Just Twitter, But 'Freedom of Speech Itself'

On Thursday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec discussed the significance of Elon Musk's official takeover of Twitter.

"This is not just a fight about Twitter or Elon Musk, this isn't about me or any of you, this is about freedom of speech itself. This is about the fight for the future, the new public square," said Posobiec. "We need to analyze every single one of these new moves through that lens. Through the lens of whether or now we will have actual freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of dialogue here in the United States and the west writ large, or if we will go back to this censorious regime of the last six years. Because let's keep in mind, 2016 happened and then the ban hammer, the censorship and the dark ages began.

"If 2016 hadn't happened, they would've left the internet completely free and open, and these organizations like the integrity initiative, these NATO-funded cabals wouldn't exist, they wouldn't have gotten any traction, because the original idea was that the internet should always be open and free following the ideals of the First Amendment," he added.

"This is the fight we're in that we have to fight first, before we can go to anything else, because if we do not have the ability to speak, if our tongues are ripped out of our mouths, we will not have the ability to debate any other issue. That's what this is about," said Posobiec before introducing Post Millennial Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons.


Speaking of Elon's speech at Twitter HQ in San Francisco, Emmons said that the main thing that we know is that "he is not, in fact, going to fire 75 percent of the staff," as was previously reported.

"That should be good news for Twitter employees," said Emmons. 

"...The people who were most upset about the potential return to a free speech-oriented platform would be the ones who should probably be the first to go because they aren't going to be able to uphold the values of this company," Emmons said.

Posobiec noted that Meta and others take huge stock plunges after trading, saying that Facebook itself isn't providing a service to the degree that Google, Twitter or even TikTok does.

Later, Posobiec said that there needed to be more done to find those that actually are there at Twitter to work. "I think if we find that... people who just want to be there to work and turn a profit, then they'll be good. I loved what Elon said... He said, 'look, Twitter employees are free to work from home as much as they want, just not for Twitter.'"

"Americans have severely lost the desire to work and the value of hard work, we see this all over the place with this ridiculous 'soft quitting' trend or the Broadway actress who said she was only going to give 75 percent in her performances because she thought that's what it calls for. Hard work is relevant, and meaningful, and it's what keeps our civilization moving forward. All of these people who don't want to work hard?... What is it that they're possibly even contributing?" said Emmons.

After the break, Posobiec discussed the general amnesty for all permabans on Twitter which would bring back "the POWs of the great meme war" of 2016, and the set-up of a new system that allows everyone "one chance to come back, institute a three strikes rule" that is actually implemented properly.

"My question is... who else is on the Libby Emmons list of people that absolutely deserve to get their Twitter accounts back?"

Donald Trump was on the top of Emmons' list, "love him or hate him, he really made the platform very entertaining and an awful lot of fun."

"... I would say, Meghan Murphy, she was banned in 2018 for calling Jessica Yaniv 'him'... She got nuked. Babylon Bee's account should come back, they got banned for calling Dr. Rachel Levine a man. Levine is definitely a man... Independent journalist Savanah Hernandez, she writes for The Post Millennial, she should be back as well...Project Veritas should be back on the platform," Emmons said, adding James O'Keefe. "This is what they do when they just don't like you and they want you on the platform, they come up with ban evasion, there's no way to appeal that, they just decide it and kick you off."

Posobiec added streamer Destiny, Steve Bannon and War Room, Alex Jones and Infowars, and Milo Yiannopolous. 

"Set up an actual system where if you're going to have a verification system, you verify those people, you keep them verified, you don't make it this gift that is bestowed on you," said Posobiec.
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