WATCH: Charlie Kirk Tells Bannon Midterms Will Be a 'Massive Shock to the Democrat System' as Younger Voters Seek 'Bold, Courageous Populism'

On Tuesday morning Human Events Senior Contributor and Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss Turning Point Action’s grassroots efforts ahead of the upcoming midterms. Kirk told Bannon that he believes that the number of young people voting Republican in battleground states is going to ‘shock the world.’

Kirk described Turning Point Action’s ground efforts, telling Bannon that the team has knocked on “hundreds of thoudsands of doors” ahead of the election, and that he anticipates the amount of groundwork will “make ak very serious difference” on election day.”

“You can’t poll grassroots momentum. You can’t poll the clipboard and tennis shoes type of work,” said Kirk, adding that “This is exactly what Obama did in ‘08, and a bit to a lesser extent in 2012, but it really is that kind of Chicago precinct community organizing model, and we’ve really adopted that at Turning Point Action. And I think is going to be one of the surprising differentiations on election day.”


When Bannon asked Kirk what kind of feedback door knockers are hearing from "citizens of every color, race, ethnicity in this country," Kirk answered simply: "Anger."

“Anger. They’re upset, Steve. They feel like they’re losing their country and they want it back," Kirk said.

Kirk explained that voters are expressing that they are "sick of the inflation" and "sick of crime."

He went on to relay a comment from a plumber that the group had surveyed.

"One plumber, we knocked on his door in Pennsylvania. He said ‘You know, I am one month poorer this year, and I’ve done nothing wrong.’”

“And that’s exactly right," said Kirk "When you have eight to ten percent inflation, one month of wages is stolen from you. You get that much poorer. And for most working families, they can’t afford that."

Kirk also relayed that "even for the independent voters," the issue of abortion has gone down in priority.

"They might not like the Republicans’ position on abortion, but they’re really really worried about crime, they’re worried about the border, they’re worried about the economy. And then, Steve, there is kind of this general consensus though, that things seem to be off trajectory. And a lot of voters are just saying ‘we need some sort of realignment.’”

“I don’t want our audience to get too cocky. I don’t want us to be too confident. But what we’re seeing on the ground is there is something brewing, that I think is going to manifest as a big judgment day two weeks from today

Kirk went on to explain the phenomenon of young voters separating themselves from a Democratic party that they feel has failed them.

“There is a widespread cynicism and disconnect between younger voters and the Democrat regime," Kirk explained. "They feel as if they failed them, let them down. And I don’t think you’re going to see this kind of massive, Obama style turnout at all this midterm election cycle. But I could tell you that I think we are going to shock the world in states like Flordida…and Arizona."

"I’m telling you right now, with the exit polls that we trust, I think Kari Lake will be within single digits of younger voters in the state of Arizona," Kirk said.

"Younger voters love Kari Lake. Katie Hobbs is one of the most unimpressive human beings ever to run for political office in the history of Arizona. And Kari has an optimistic campaign that is a vision-setting campaign: ‘I’m going to increase your wages, no more woke stuff, you’re in charge of your own life.’”

"I think that there is going to be a massive shock to the Democrat system, especially with Kari Lake and Ron Desantis," he added. "And here’s what’s amazing, they’re two of the most conservative, outspoken candidates in America. And I think that’s actually how you win over young people. Not milquetoast Mitt Romney Republicanism, but bold, courageous populism is how you win over younger voters."


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