POSOBIEC: China's 'Insane' Zero-Covid Strategy is Textbook Totalitarianism

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec went into depth on the situation unfolding in China, where Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party have unleashed harsh lockdowns as the country deals with a mass outbreak right before the party congress on Oct 16, where it is expected that Xi Jinping will be selected to serve a third term. The Chinese president is set to be leader for life after he removed term limits, which has not been seen since the days of Chainman Mao.

Posobiec started off by talking about the situation in the United States, where he said that conspiracy theorists were being proven right by the week.

"So we're hearing all of these new statements coming that it turns out, like all the conspiracy theorists said, what they weren't actually sure of the efficacy of the vaccines were before they were introduced, but the marketing team didn't care," said Posobiec. "The marketing team put them everywhere, and they then joined up with the little trolls like Anthony Fauci and decided to become, effectively, the kings of our nation and decree that you would use your job, your savings, and your ability to be in the military, kicked out of school if you didn't get your vaccinations."

Posobiec then discussed the situation in China, saying: "What's the CPP up to? Because again, we're only a few days away from the 20th national party congress in China, where Xi Jinping is expected, and I laid this all out in Newsweek in February, that Xi Jinping will not be deposed by any of the various factions. If anything, he's poised to receive another term, an unprecedented third term putting him on track to be chairman for life of the CCP, one of which we have not seen since the days of Chairman Mao."

From the New York Times, Posobiec reads: 'Daily Covid counts have more than doubled in the past week, to around 1,400 cases on Friday, in the country of 1.4 billion people — a tally that remains tiny by global standards. But Chinese authorities are under immense pressure to ensure that nothing disrupts the party congress, which starts Oct. 16. They have responded by ramping up restrictions that many already deem excessive. They are locking down regions and cities and mandating mass testing and quarantines, disrupting life for millions of people and drawing public complaints.'"

"Mass testing, mass quarantines, disrupting life for millions of people. Because they're going in on this completely insane strategy of zero Covid, and again when you're a totalitarian regime like the CCP, that's what you always go in for," Posobiec said.

Chairman Mao's failed Four Pests campaign was one of the first acts taken in the Great Leap Forward that saw tens of millions dead. Mao had decided that four pests were to be eliminated from China, being rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows.

The elimination of sparrows in particular led to mass ecological imbalance, which kicked off the Great Chinese Famine.

Sparrows were targeted because they ate grain, seeds, and fruit. Nests were destroyed, eggs were broken, chicks were killed, and millions of Chinese organized to bash together pots and pans to stop sparrows from resting in their nests, making sparrows flee and eventually drop dead from exhaustion. 

According to one Polish website, some sparrows were able to find refuge near diplomatic mission premises in China,  and Polish embassy personnel would not allow the Chinese to enter the premises of the embassy to scare the sparrows away. The embassy was then reportedly surrounded by people with drums, and after two days of drumming, Polish embassy employees had to shovel the embassy of sparrow corpses.

"Chairman Mao always did this. When it was the Great Leap Forward, they said 'the crops are being eaten by locusts!' So they killed all the bugs and killed all the birds, but the problem was that the birds were the ones that ate the bugs and the bugs ate all of the harvests. This is how you got the Great Leap Forward, and tens of millions starved to death. It was one of the greatest atrocities to ever occur. Chairman Mao killed more people than anyone else on the face of the planet and he did so to his own country in peacetime. Not even in war. It wasn't even a civil war, he killed them just because," Posobiec explained.

"So what are you seeing here again: This is totalitarianism."

The New York Times reported that Willy Lam, an adjunct professor of politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said that China's pandemic strategy is “almost a political campaign to show loyalty to Xi Jinping himself... This makes the local officials even more anxious because they all want to stay in the good graces of Xi Jinping.”

Posobiec continued to read from the Times: "'At a meeting chaired by Sun Shaocheng, the top party official of Inner Mongolia, officials were instructed to stop infections by “killing chickens with a knife for slaughtering cows,” a play on a Chinese idiom, to indicate that overkill was desired. “Act faster, prevent spread and spillover, especially to Beijing,” an official readout said.

"Even in Hainan, which is essentially the Hawaii of China, they're implementing these lockdowns and mass tests. They're turning all of the country into an open-air prison: Why? It's simple, because Xi Jinping's coronation ceremony is coming up next, and I know there have been a lot of people in the West that say the CCP is about to fall, it's almost done for... No, you fools. They're parading it in front of your eyes. The CCP is loyal to Xi Jinping. They're terrified of invoking the wrath of Xi Jinping, and they're persecuting their own people out of the display of fealty. This is kowtowing," Posobiec concluded.
Image: Title: Poso China