The Grand Conspirator: Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab, founder of the demonstrably evil World Economic Forum (WEF), is an almost cartoonish example of a real-life Bond villain backed by a global network of billionaire henchmen conspiring to take over the world.

No tinfoil hat is needed to observe this open conspiracy – it’s all laid bare in official WEF materials and spoken plainly at its ritzy conferences in Davos. WEF’s very public agenda includes the “ Fourth Industrial Revolution ” and “ Internet of Bodies ” (transhumanism and social credit systems), depopulation, “ Stakeholder Capitalism ” (a managerial coup of shareholders), “ Social Emotional Learning ” (indoctrinating children into Marxists), replacing meat with bugs, abolishing property ownership, “ Equity ” (identity communism), and “ The Great Reset ” – to name a few.

In short, the many who mockingly liken Schwab to Emperor Palpatine or Dr. Evil are actually not being excessively hyperbolic – there’s ample validity to those comparisons. But perhaps Fyodor Dostoevsky provided the deepest insight over a century ago into the inner-character of villains like Schwab.

In “The Grand Inquisitor” – a story within Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov – Jesus returns to Earth during the Inquisition. Upon performing miracles and being recognized by the people, Jesus is arrested by a tyrannical cardinal, the Grand Inquisitor, for interfering in the affairs of the Catholic Church.

“Why hast Thou come to hinder us?” the Inquisitor asks Jesus. Despite representing the Church, the Inquisitor professes his allegiance to Satan and decides to have Jesus burned. But the Inquisitor didn’t do so merely because he felt challenged by Jesus’ divine authority – although that’s definitely part of it – he also seems to really believe that his deranged interpretation of the Bible is better for man.

Much can be learned from this tale – more than I’m capable of conveying – but at least one element of it rings undoubtedly true: Powerful institutions – even the holiest among them – can be corrupted in such a way that their primary function becomes to subvert their own founding principles.

Present circumstances are no exception.

Take, for example, the state of business today and the self-appointed stewards of capitalism like Larry Fink, Bill Gates or (pick a corporate exec. pretty much at random). Though these “capitalists” are anything but free-market oriented, they cling to the banner and institutions of the free market system while they actively corrupt it from within.

No figure embodies this dialectical “capitalism” more than Schwab.

Despite heading an organization with the stated purpose of fostering “public-private cooperation,” and attempting to plan the global economy top-down, Schwab – who has a statue of Lenin in his office – still has the gall to call himself a capitalist.

Though his views are painstakingly contradictory and shockingly evil, Schwab’s twisted motives may not be intentionally sinister. Was the Inquisitor being sinister when he pledged allegiance to Satan? Or did he really believe his own wicked nonsense?

Unlike your typical woke CEO or politician who may toe the woke line for personal gain, Schwab seems committed to his delusions of a corporate-run utopia. Why else would Schwab proudly admit (on stage and on camera at Harvard University) that WEF “ penetrate the cabinets ” of governments if he didn’t think that was a feat to be celebrated?

In the end, Schwab’s intentions are not what’s most important. Well-intentioned or not, it’s an objective fact that WEF is openly pursuing an evil anti-human and anti-freedom agenda, garnering influence over corporations and government officials, and facilitating an open conspiracy between them to pursue this dystopian agenda.

Though Schwab vocally champions capitalism and dubs himself its head arbiter, if Adam Smith returned to life today in an attempt to restore genuine free enterprise, the Grand Conspirator would dictate to Mr. Smith – with the force and breadth of the world’s most powerful institutions in puzzling uniformity – that it’s in Mr. Smith’s best interest to be censored, microchipped, vaccinated, reeducated, discriminated against, sterilized, shoved in a pod, strapped with a VR headset, and fed bugs because the cows are farting.

In other words, in the name of the free enterprise system that he dedicated his life to, Mr. Smith will “ own nothing and be happy,” just as the Inquisitor told Jesus that the Church has “vanquished freedom and has done so to make men happy.”


Ethan Peck is an associate for the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research.

Image: Title: Klaus