On the Sidewalks of New York: AOC– The Ultimate Mean Girl


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It’s unclear whether AOC realizes she’s lost that wow factor.  Judging from her recent GQ Magazine cover, it looks as though she’s panicked. 

New Yorkers lived through AOC and her fiancé flying to Florida for a fun little couple’s getaway.  Over in the Free State, they enjoyed different COVID “science” and benefitted from a break from mask worship.  Then, they jetted home. This jaunt was sandwiched in between bloviating about climate, masks, and insults to vast swathes of Americans.  

Facing critique for being an insufferable hypocrite on mask mandates and climate, AOC fought back hard. Lacking all self-awareness, she concluded we were all hitting on her.  An inside look as to how she views herself; both irresistible and lacking in substance.  She assumed the upset came exclusively from Republicans “just want[ing] to date [her].” In her mind, Independents and Democrats were thrilled with mandates causing their kids to miss school, fall behind, face medical apartheid, and potentially dangerous side effects. 

AOC reminds us all the time, she is people of color’s greatest warrior.  Only 28% of young blacks have been “vaccinated” against COVID, yet she failed to come to these mother’s and children’s defense on behalf of parental choice and open schools.   AOC concluded that Democrats and Independents stand in solidarity with her superior climate findings, calculations, and mind-blowing hypotheses on how to save the world. Forget that they too, just like Republicans, can barely afford rent, chicken, and gas, let alone airfare, hotel accommodations, and those expensive Miami nights.  

So what’s the last-ditch ploy to stay relevant while feigning upset for fantasizing being hit on by all of America?  Posing seductively on the cover of GQ Magazine.  According to a Cosmopolitan vs GQ Magazine media’s advertisement targeting, her cover girl appearance on GQ has “an audience of 71% men who are ‘well-off’ white males in their mid-thirties.”  This is naturally the place where a woman championing women of color would preen.  

Why would AOC look to capitalize off of sex appeal in pouty red lips and nipped in waistline? Because since 2019 when she was elected to Congress to represent New York’s District 14 (the eastern part of The Bronx and part of north-central Queens), everything she has touched has gone to hell.  But most importantly, her constituents are in terrible shape. Policies she backs simply suck, offer no upside, and her district has collapsed.  The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce estimates at least 20% of small businesses have closed their doors for good due to tyrannical COVID measures.  Black owned businesses were twice as likely to fail as others. The Green New Deal has been deadly for AOC’s constituents; taxes have gone up and their activities have been curtailed as there’s no infrastructure to support this cockamamie cost ineffective scheme.   

AOC is famous for saying outlandish things with a prepubescent voice that has a psychological effect of warding off criticism; who wants to attack a child with childlike notions? 

The thing is, for three years, many chalked off AOC’s provocative ramblings in her homemade videos as entertaining.  They were like a train wreck eyeballs had to devour. Musing angrily while drinking a beer, waxing poetic while cooking, giving an interview bringing up “farting cows” dazzled an audience that had never seen a public servant behave so uncouth and bizarre. 

On a serious note, her swan song on GQ Magazine merits attention.  Unlike the “farting cows” which were easy to mock and blow off, she shouldn’t be let off the hook for a dangerous lie. Americans don’t “hate women”, as AOC states - as she may.

Now we need to do the work of digging into exactly what AOC has done for women. She supports defunding police. Still. We have seen crime spike by nearly 60%.  Major crime is up 41% in New York City.  Women - and children - are soft targets; they’re physically the weaker sex. Rape is up 27%. Assault is up 28%. Violent crime in the subway is up over 50%. Women, moms, children rely on the subway for school drop-off and pick-up and are downright terrified of using public transportation. Testimony after testimony describes the daily fear they experience at the hands of policies AOC supports directly causing their imminent danger.

Homelessness has reached the highest levels in New York City since the Great Depression. Because of defunding the NYPD, there’s no mechanism in place to do anything about the homeless with mental health issues or strung out on drugs attacking and menacing women - and children - on the streets. According to Bronxworks, “Two thirds of homeless New Yorkers have some measure of ‘mental health needs’”.  CBS news says hate crimes have gone up in New York City by 100%.  Here, too, we have detailed accounts of Asian and Jewish women describing the nightmares they’ve experienced (when they live to tell the tale) brought on by policies AOC maintains. 

Drugs are every parent’s worst fear. AOC recently posted on her social media a PSA “Surprise! Supply chain is affecting drugs too.” Then she directs drug users to NYC.GOV to “TEST YOUR DRUGS!”

Then there are AOC’s shameless verbal assaults on women.  She called Fox News host Laura Ingraham a “neo-Nazi fan favorite” and in nearly the same breath says, “People are free to speak whatever classist, racist, false, misogynistic, bigoted comments they’d like. They do not have the right to force others to endure their harassment and abuse.” Staunch woman advocate AOC has some interesting ways of defending women.  She backs transgenders in female sports which pointedly erases women. 

Republicans need to stop obsessing over other people’s gender identity [because] frankly it’s very weird and they’re doing a lot of harm to children who are just trying to be themselves,” says the woman without children who is now an expert not only on “farting cows” but children. 

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