KRAYDEN: Biden Ignores Every Emergency Except the Phony One

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  • 03/02/2023

Can you say parody?

President Joe Biden is taken out to a sweaty, dusty construction site to announce his plan to address a “Code Red” emergency that he pretends is climate change. The scenery looks like what could be the final resting place of the late Teamster Union boss Jimmy Hoffa. There are mountains of gravel everywhere and it’s sort of emblematic of Biden’s economy: a wasteland.

Along with Biden come the black gas-guzzling SUVs that are clearly saying to the world: “This is political parody at its best: don’t you get the joke?”

Biden does not. It’s not apparent whether he’s getting anything these days. But someone has told him he had better make good on his promise to end fossil fuels. Pushing the price into the stratosphere hasn’t been enough because people still have to drive to work. The left is unsatiated. The Squad must be appeased. So Biden, who has never given a damn about climate change during his entire political career, did his best at defining the emergency.

"This is an emergency — an emergency — and I will look at it that way," Biden said. "I said last week, I'll say it again, loud and clear. As president, I'll use my executive powers to combat climate change, the climate crisis in the absence of congressional action." He also fussed about this all being an “existential threat.” Holy James Bond!

Someone please remind this guy that his party controls Congress. Biden’s fit of pique was no doubt a result of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and his continued opposition to making fossil fuels disappear so that we can all just return to the Middle Ages while Climate czar John Kerry continues to fly around the world on his private jet aggregating a carbon footprint larger than you or I could ever contemplate. But Kerry is one of an anointed elite who is “more equal” than others as George Orwell shrewdly noted in “Animal Farm.”

So how is Biden going to combat this “emergency?” He talked about windmills and solar panels as well as telling the Secretary of the Interior to "advance clean energy development" off the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina in order that "these southeast states will be able to benefit from good-paying jobs in the burgeoning offshore wind industry."

But he pledged that Americans will be using 50% “clean energy” by 2030. How? He wouldn’t say. And he can’t say because it’s not going to happen. He knows, the American people know, as the late Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole might have said.

Along the way, Biden made the startling admission that he has cancer – and he blamed that on the oil industry as well as his home state of Delaware, which he considers a horrible place to live because so many people get cancer there. That makes his frequent visits home all the more odd. Biden’s flaks later said that the president was referring to some lesions on his skin that he had removed that proved not to be cancerous, but maybe Biden knows something that they don’t.

But think about it for a second. What other president can casually announce that he has cancer and then proceed with a Green New Deal announcement? Do you think the national media present aren’t all nodding in tacit understanding that this is just Biden making stupid comments again?

So Biden has again given himself extraordinary powers that could only increase unless they are challenged. What else could Biden do to address this imaginary emergency in this country? Well, he could introduce wage and price controls in the oil and gas industry that would artificially reduce the price of gas and bankrupt thousands of gas station owners. He could stop all drilling due to the emergency, He could literally close gas stations, arguing that they are selling a product that is contributing to the emergency. He could lock down the supply of gas and create those long line-ups at the pump that are virtual postcards of the 1970s.

In other words, Biden can keep on destroying fossil fuels with no end in sight until he has broken the back of this country. The idiots pushing for this green economy or clean energy know full well that their wind and solar power cannot sustain a modern, industrialized economy. There could be a windmill in every backyard; it wouldn't power the American economy.

Neither can we transition to electric cars anytime soon. But here’s the kicker, even if we did, guess where the power comes from to make those cars run? From coal-fired plants, from oil. In other words, fossil fuels are required to make “green” energy work. And there is currently a worldwide shortage of batteries and the materials to make those batteries are being gathered through brutal child labor – and on and on and on.

And if you have your electric car, how much power will it need to function on a daily basis? About 25 times more than your refrigerator. So in July and August, you might have to choose between staying cool with your air conditioner or driving to work and back. At any rate, your electricity bill is going to go through the roof, probably at the same rate as your gas bill is right now.

So Biden woke up on Wednesday morning and discovered he had an emergency on his hands. Did he have a bad dream or just run into a Squad member? But why hasn’t Biden felt any similar sense of urgency for the real emergencies in America?

He continues to ignore an open southern border where there have been 1,746,119 total encounters in the 2022 fiscal year. That has already surpassed the record-setting 1,734,686 encounters of the 2021 fiscal year and we’ve still got three months to go in FY'22.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas comes across in any interview as almost Pinocchio-like – not just because he chronically lies about the horrible state of the border but because he literally looks like a marionette whose strings are being pulled and whose words are being programmed elsewhere. For Mayorkas to continue to say the border is “secure” must mean the man is either too stupid for belief or incapable of discerning basic truth. Either way, he should not be holding down this vital job because he is incompetent – too incompetent for words and that is becoming clear even to the laptop mainstream media that is increasingly wondering if backing Biden is worth it when they might go down with the Titanic as well.

What about the fentanyl epidemic? It’s the leading cause of death for adults aged 18-45. Most of this lethal drug is coming across Biden’s “secure” border. The president is a non-drinker and given the rampant addiction of his son Hunter, that’s not only a good thing, it’s probably an educated choice based on family history. But is this not an emergency in America when so many people are drug addicted and killing themselves? Is this not a greater emergency than some trumped-up climate change catastrophe?

How about urban crime? Citizens are being shot in cold blood in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Shoplifting is no longer a crime in California. Carjackings are as common as drag racing used to be. But has Biden declared any concern for Americans who are afraid to leave their homes because they could get mugged on the way to the store? Their fear is not based on some obsession with the weather, Mr. President. It’s based in reality, a land that you don’t inhabit anymore.

Is inflation an emergency for Biden? As we approach double-digit inflation along with a recession, is the president worried about this? Why don’t you bring your SUVs out to some grocery store and talk about that emergency? No, you’d rather deal with the chimeric climate change agenda because it’s all fantasy and won’t wield any real results that can be measured.

Is America’s declining stature in the world a “code red” emergency for Biden? The president stumbles around the world looking like a man who can’t find his underpants from the party the night before, begging the Saudis for more oil after he sold a bunch to China and conveniently forgetting that he could have all the oil he wants from Canada if he just reopened construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. He’s sending billions into the war in Ukraine and doesn’t seem to comprehend the extraordinary irony of demanding the Ukrainian border be sacrosanct while allowing his own southern border to be desecrated.

There’s a disconnect here, a gap that is widening by the day between the Biden administration and Americans. Very few real people go to bed at night fretting about climate change. They can’t afford an electric car and don’t know how they’re supposed to drive it more than 100 miles from home when there are so few recharging stations.

But they’re damned concerned about gas prices, inflation, crime, and the influx of illegals that makes a mockery of United States sovereignty. They understand that Biden doesn’t care about these issues. Let Biden go to bed at night and worry about climate change.

But let him do so as a private citizen and not President of the United States.

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