POSOBIEC: Societal Trust Is Deteriorating, ‘We’ve Lost Something in This Country’

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  • 03/02/2023

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec highlighted the ways that the United States has become a less trusting place during the latest installment of his show. 

Posobiec used a story of him being in New York and noticing fewer 24/7 stores as an example of how America was deteriorating when it comes to societal trust.

“When we went up to New York recently for the Beacon Theater event and Tulsi Gabbard was speaking, James O'Keef, Tim Pool, and Libby Emmons from The Post Millennial, so many people were speaking at this. And I noticed that...so we were staying up on the Upper East Side, and there was a Duane Reade across the street from us," Posobiec said, noting that "Duane Reade has been the main drug store chain for years."


“We realized we'd forgotten our toothpaste. I said you know what, let's go out, let's grab our toothpaste...and we'll go to bed and brush our teeth and all of that, right? We go over, and it's like, 10 o'clock because we've just gotten into New York...and we realized the Duane Reade is closed. And I said, 'what's going on...Duane Reades are 24/7'. And there's a message, and it says 'this location is no longer 24/7.'”

“You realize that's going to be happening more and more and more around the country as we head into this recession, as crime goes up around the country, as the labor shortage continues, you are going to lose 24/7 stores. They're going to be gone. It's going to be gone. In some areas, it's never going to come back,” he said.

"Keep in mind, so why I'm bringing this up. Do people know, that the name 7-11 is called such because that used to be their hours. Their hours were 7 am to 11 pm. That's the whole reason that it was 7-11. But then all 7-11s went to 24 hours.

“But you can only have 24-hour stores in a high-trust society. This kind of society, by the way, where kids can ride around on bikes. There's people watching the new Stranger Things right now, and the younger generation when they watch Stranger Things, people actually have said this in reviews, 'that's not realistic because kids don't just ride around on bikes anymore.'...We've lost something in this country. 

"We can see it every day when we read the headlines, when you look at 7-11s and think, 'oh that's a place that gets robbed. That's a place that people get shot at.'” A crime spree in California made national headlines this week, after a man allegedly went on a crime spree at several 7-11s that ended with two dead and several injured.

“You can't go there because they're constantly getting robbed. No more 24/7 stores. Things don't have to be this way. We can prosecute violent crime, we can lock people up, we don't have to let people back out on the street. But it's turning rapidly into the 60s and 70s again for the same reasons, because we've put political ideology over reality.”

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