POSOBIEC: ‘Story of the Leak’ is ‘Biggest Part’ of Hunter Biden 4Chan Dump

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  • 03/02/2023

On Monday's episode of "Human Events Daily," host Jack Posobiec commented on the Hunter Biden 4chan leak and said, "the story of the leak" is "probably the biggest part of it right now."

"The leak came from a New Zealand tech guy that had got a copy of the hard drive itself, found this backup on it," Posobiec said, "and then uploaded that to 4chan." The New Zealander cracked Hunter's backup iCloud and released its contents onto the internet in another in a series of scandalous leaks from Hunter's "Laptop from Hell."


In the past, establishment media had worked to suppress revelations about Hunter Biden, something Posobiec has commented on in detail.

The new development that guarantees establishment media will never be "able to shut this thing down" is the fact that Hunter's data has been made into torrents.

When the leak first went up to 4chan, moderators were trying to take it all down but other users were throwing the info up in pastebin and a few other sites. The most significant new storage method of Hunter's data is through "torrents" which are a version of peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing.

P2P was popularized and standardized in 1999 with the invention of Napster and has existed in many forms since. Often platforms using P2P sharing are taken down because of digital piracy complaints.

Unlike information found through search engines that could be stored remotely through a server, torrents create as many redundancies of the information as possible through each download. The files are stored in all the individual computers of the users who download the torrent and torrenting links to and from those files.

"So everybody who's got a copy of the file on their personal computer, their personal hard drive or their cloud, however, they have it set up, they then can then also be sharing it out," Posobiec said.

"Even if you shut down every individual server. There's always going to be a way for people to start seeding that file back out," Posobiec concluded on the nature of the link, stating that once Hunter's info went torrent, it became permanent in the digital sphere.

As for the content, Posobiec remarks that there's nothing radically new about the president's prodigal son's 4chan leak. "It's more depraved scenes, more text messages, a lot of the family stuff lines up with pretty much everything that I saw two years ago" along with "pornography, nudity, some searches, by the way, including some some pornography searches that may not be necessarily legal, because of certain age limits"

 And Posobiec ends on the hypocrisy around Hunter "swinging his gun around."

"Shouldn't we all be red flagging Hunter Biden right now? We should call the Secret Service."

"And we should say you've got a threat on your hands. Ladies and gentlemen, this man cannot be allowed in around or near the White House."


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