On the Sidewalks of New York: Bullets Over Soho

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  • 03/02/2023

Over the weekend, three homeless people were shot; two in Tribeca and one in Soho. 54 King Street in Hudson Square, Greenwich and Murray Street, and Lafayette and Howard Street.  There’s a “serial shooter” on the loose targeting homeless people.

There’s a lot here to unpack.

First, that in two of Manhattan’s, arguably the world’s, most prestigious, expensive, and formerly safe neighborhoods, a “serial shooter” (Progressive lingo for serial killer), is at large.

Second, only because of the Left are the victims used for political expediency. Under the de Blasio administration the goal was to flood the aforementioned neighborhoods and the rest of downtown with shelters to make the area “less rich and less white.” This was not simply irrespective of the risks, but based on Progressive principles.  Hotels across from schools were turned into homeless shelters which have created quality of life issues exacerbating all aspects of what used to be considered crime; drugs, shooting, assault, hate crimes, and theft. Panhandling and tent cities are rife. 

The second largest shelter in New York City is going up on Canal and Wooster. 200 men will be inhumanely packed into a garage / warehouse. A Community 2 board zoom meeting last year to “discuss” the plans was pure chaos.  Panelists muted attendees chomping at the bit to ask questions. What came to light: none of the panelists and proponents of the incoming Soho shelter live in the area (naturally). They also can’t guarantee safety - for those in the shelter or residents living close by, where the median price for an apartment is $3.6 million. The panelists and “experts” also can’t confirm whether any of the incoming have a record.  (As this administration empties jails and our Southern border is wide open, it is likely at least some will have a record and maybe even be part of a terror cell). Many locals are concerned about registered sex offenders and murderers but were dismissed. Egregiously, the panelists couldn’t guarantee there would be enough staff able to tend to the 200 men or that the staff will be physically equipped.  The panelists did discuss paint color.

Gerrymandering has also proven catastrophic for downtown, carving Chinatown into 3 community boards, resulting in six shelters with four more on the docket.  This is in an area that has seen crime skyrocket and hate crimes galore. Lest you think this a problem, this is what success looks like to the Left.

Third, because of radical Left policies, not only has the homeless population in sanctuary New York City ballooned, but measures to address crime have evaporated. Under Mayor Adams, New York City has become a petri dish for a creation of new types of crime - feces has now been weaponized. Initially going hard against the second amendment, his argument has somewhat lost steam. Maybe this is due to the rise in machetes, hatchets and batons.  Or maybe, it’s because in these two ritzy areas (Tribeca and Soho), Progressives don’t mind guns.  

City Council voted to defund the NYPD by $1 billion dollars.  It also voted for CCRB (Civilian Complaint Review Board), removing the police captain from monitoring questionable situations and placing power in the hands of those without any knowledge of policing to dole out punishment. CCRB handcuffs police and emboldens criminals.  Qualified immunity has been removed for the NYPD, yet still intact for all other public office holders, rendering police the de facto enemy.  No cash bail is an unmitigated disaster with recidivism through the roof.  Then, there’s our current DA Bragg, who views arrests as racist. Finally, as a parting gift, de Blasio gave us legalized heroin injection sites, a wet dream for junkies and a nightmare for law abiding citizens.  

There are solutions, just none the radical Left want to enact.  

For starters, homeless shelters shouldn’t be in residential areas; there are concrete real estate issues; spaces are cramped, unsafe, and lacking key components ensuring homeless want to sleep in the shelters and not on the streets.  Homeless are also priced out of the supermarkets in many of the upscale residential areas where the shelters reside.  There’s plenty of unused and mismanaged land that can be used to properly and humanely help and house the homeless.  Living in prime real estate locations isn’t a rite of passage, it’s a luxury many even with high-paying jobs can’t afford, and thus, commute. Also, there’s the successful Giuliani road map; sending a police officer and social worker to insist, not ask, the homeless get off the streets and go into the shelters many now opt to avoid.  Finally, there’s enforcing the law; arresting those who commit crimes and not letting them back onto the streets within hours.

But the biggest problem is the messaging.  The Left has gaslit the public into believing that being against shelters in residential areas is heartless.  No.  It’s heartless to all, homeless and non-homeless, to continue peddling false narratives. Flooding already stretched real estate with unlivable conditions does nothing to help those in need and those victimized by the ones in need.  

Both Soho and Tribeca are Democrat enclaves that voted for candidates creating policies they thought only affected “other” people.  This “Luxury Belief” is now affecting them.  Perhaps this November, they’ll vote like their lives depend on it, because it does.

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