The Biden Press Conference Post-Mortem: It is Time to Start Asking the Tough Questions

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  • 03/02/2023

On Wednesday, facing tanking poll numbers and a string of high-profile legislative defeats, President Joe Biden’s team attempted a political “reset” as Biden enters the second year of his Presidency. The attempted “reset”, which came in the form of a bizarre, rambling and at times incoherent two-hour press conference, did little to right the ship. Indeed, after watching that two-hour train wreck in slow motion, the only thing that is clear at this point about the Biden presidency is that it is time to start asking the tough questions about whether Biden is mentally capable of doing the job of President.

This isn’t a line of questioning that I take lightly. During the Trump presidency we were treated non-stop armchair psycho analysis by pundits at CNN and MSNBC and across the left-wing media. 

The left-wing media weaponized mental health and launched wild and baseless attacks on Trump’s mental state in an effort to undermine a politician who they disagreed with on policy. Not liking Trump’s style and not agreeing with Trump’s policies isn’t proof of Trump’s “mental instability” – indeed it says a great deal more about the person launching that baseless attack than it does about Trump.

The tough questions that I am left to grapple with in the wake of Biden’s press conference have nothing to do with his style or his policies and absolutely everything to do with a man who has deteriorated to the point that I – and others – are left asking whether he is up to the job at this point.

Joe Biden has been in the public eye for decades, first in the US Senate, then 8 years as Vice President and now as President. Biden’s deterioration has occurred in front of our eyes. This isn’t the Joe Biden of 10 or 15 years ago that was famous for his misspeaks and clumsy way of talking. This isn’t about a Joe Biden stutter. This is about a Biden who – during the two hours of a press conference that was supposed to make Americans feel better about his Presidency – appeared confused, angry, lost and at times downright delusional.

In his press conference Biden – channeling Dr. Evil – claimed that no President ever had done more than him while conversely claiming no President had been more unfairly attacked by his opponents than him. Biden appeared to green light a Russian invasion of the Ukraine, told reporters he “doesn’t believe” polls that show him struggling, said he had absolutely no regrets over the fiasco in Afghanistan, undermined the legitimacy of the midterm elections and bizarrely continually claimed that he didn’t say what he actually said in his scorched earth speech in Georgia just days earlier.

The speech was such a disaster that even liberal pundits were left wondering what the hell is going on with Biden. On CNN, liberal pundit Van Jones, said the quiet part out loud,

"You could be a foggy, meandering president—say like Reagan near the end—if you’re winning," he said. "But if you’re foggy and meandering on key questions, and you’re also not winning, then you got a real problem."

It’s not just me and Van Jones who are pointing out the obvious, a Politico/Morning Consult poll, released this week, found that less than a majority (48%) of Americans believe that Biden is mentally fit – indeed, Newsmax reporter James Rosen asked Biden about the poll at his disastrous presser, to which the President responded,

Biden responded with 'I'll let you all make the judgment whether they're correct,' before later going on to say he had 'no idea' why such a large segment of the American electorate held concerns over his cognitive ability.

We live in a dangerous world, one where the US faces a variety of enemies on a variety of fronts. We live is dangerous times domestically as well, we have seen the Constitutional rights of Americans trampled by COVID obsessed politicians, sky-rocketing inflation, an economy struggling to recover from the pandemic, a porous southern border and a staggering rise in crime all across the country.

Americans need to know whether the President of the United States is up to doing the job. Our very lives depend on it.

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