Group of Concerned Citizens Launches Petition Campaign to Defend Nation’s Defenders from Vaccine Mandate

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  • 09/21/2022

The citizen’s rights group, Freedom of Religion-United Solutions (FOR-US) has partnered with concerned service members to tackle how the COVID-19 vaccine mandate puts the nation’s future in peril.

FOR-US has drafted a letter addressed to the Congressional Armed Services Committees, to be delivered in mid-November. The letter demands the following actions:

  1. Formation of a Congressional Policy Commission to conduct a thorough, publicly transparent study of the mandate's impact on armed forces readiness and on national security interests. 
  2. The Executive Office be urged to stay the mandate and maintain this stay until the commission concludes consideration of this matter with recommendations. 

FOR-US is distributing this letter to a broad, bipartisan spectrum of individuals and organizations inviting them to join the effort. As of Oct 29, 2021, the letter has been endorsed by 150 high-profile organizations, businesses, artists and entertainers, medical professionals, faith leaders, and social and political figures. The petition has received 2000 signatures and is rapidly growing.

“Upon success, this action can help set a legal precedent to protect the individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and religious sovereignty of all Americans,” said Dr. Shannon Kroner, Executive Director of FOR-US.

Dr. Kroner continues, “Some of our bravest men and women who have given their lives to protecting our country are being denied exemptions for their sincerely held religious beliefs. They are then being discharged without receiving their pension, veterans’ benefits, medical and dental benefits, and they're being denied military funeral honors."

“This DoD policy demands transparency,” Dr. Kroner said. “All Americans need to step up to support our armed service members, civilians, and contractors who have no voice in this fight, by signing our letter and sharing it on social media.”

Founded in 2019, FOR-US is an interfaith coalition working to protect the religious freedom of vaccine choice and is a participant in the International Religious Freedom Roundtable.

Read the full letter below:

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