White House Reporters Issue Complaint Over Biden-Johnson Meeting Access

Members of the White House press pool aren’t happy after British reporters were the only ones granted questions during Biden’s meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday. 

White House Correspondents’ Association President Steve Portnoy said that the editorial portion of the pool took a formal complaint to Jen Psaki about the lack of questions given to American reporters. 

As reported by The Hill, Biden and Johnson each delivered remarks in the Oval Office. Johnson then granted questions to two British reporters before the press was rushed out of the room. 

In response to one question shouted by CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe about the border crisis, Biden responded that “violence is not justified,” however the rest of the questions and comments were inaudible over the sudden demands from White House aides for the press to exit the room. 

While frustrating, it is nothing close to shocking, as Biden is often sheltered by the White House staff when it comes to answering questions from the press. 

Biden and Johnson met to discuss security cooperation and other issues following their appearance at the UN General Assembly earlier on Tuesday.