MUST WATCH: Retired Navy SEAL Imagines He Was President, Gives Afghanistan Address in Viral Video

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  • 03/02/2023

A retired Navy SEAL took to Instagram Monday with a viral video of the address he would give if he were president amidst the Afghanistan withdrawal chaos. 

Jocko Willink explained in the caption of the video that this is how he would address the ongoing situation if he were in Biden’s shoes, per Fox News. 


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First and foremost, he admitted to making “critical errors” in underestimating the strength and capability of the Taliban, taking the blame entirely. He also admitted that Americans and Afghan allies were stranded, but “will not be for long.” 

“In the next 48 hours, America will be in control of most major airports in Afghanistan,” he continued. “Any resistance we meet from the Taliban or otherwise - when we seize these airports - will be destroyed completely and without mercy. From those airports we will conduct rapid strike rescue missions until we have recovered and evacuated all our citizens, allies and friends. Any person who interferes with these operations will be killed." 

He also addressed the atrocity of Taliban militants taking over American weapons, saying he would order troops to either regain control or destroy weapons and equipment left behind by fleeing Afghan troops. 

“Any person utilizing, guarding, or located in close proximity to these weapons or equipment will be killed,” he said. 

“May God bless America, and may God have mercy on the souls of our enemy because we will not,” he concluded.

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