Women’s Organization President Apologizes for Backing Cuomo, but Declines Calls for Resignation

CEO and president of women’s organization Time’s Up Tina Tchen apologized for her past support of Andrew “Love Gov” Cuomo, but won’t follow in his footsteps of resignation.

In a statement posted on the organization’s website, Tchen said she was “sorry” after the attorney general’s report showed her co-founder Roberta Kaplan helped Cuomo’s office draft a letter that raised questions about the allegations and credibility of victim Lindsey Boylan.

The report indicated that, according to Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa, Kaplan read the letter to Tchen and both women approved a modified version, as reported by Fox News.

“The facts revealed in the Attorney General’s findings – that the letter was drafted by Cuomo as part of an ongoing effort to undermine the survivors – were completely unknown to me until the investigation’s report was released,” Tchen wrote. “I would never participate in or condone, in any way, such an attack or strategy.”

“I believe we were used as cover for heinous actions going on behind the scenes and, more recently, being used to distract and distort the actual legal and moral violations that occurred,” she continued. “But that in no way excuses my oversight and mistakes in failing to protect survivors and our work, and I recognize that similar scenarios may have played out in the past that I failed to see for what they were.”

Kaplan resigned from her role following the revealed information, and Boylan is calling on Tchen to do the same.

“You can start by resigning,” Boylan tweeted at Tchen. “So too should any employees engaged in silencing & diminishing survivors.”