Infrastructure Agreement Advances in Senate

A group of bipartisan senators reached an agreement Wednesday on the major issues of a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure package. 

As previously reported by Human Events News, a group of 10 senators has been working on the infrastructure agreement over the last several months. While an agreement was reached, the package still has a long road ahead. 

The Senate voted 67 to 32 to begin consideration of the bill, above the 60-vote threshold required. 

Republicans said Wednesday they have enough confidence in the details of the agreement to allow it to push forward. 

“Despite the popularity and the need for it, Washington hasn’t been able to get it done. This time, we’re going to get it done,” said Sen. Rob Portman. 

The agreement, which lawmakers said would provide for roughly $550 billion in spending above projected levels, is the first step democrats hope to take toward approving much of President Biden’s agenda in the coming months, the Wall Street Journal reports. This includes the $3.5 trillion childcare, education, healthcare and climate change plan. 

The agreement is expected to include: $110 billion for improvements to roads and bridges, $39 billion to modernize public transportation and replace buses with zero-emission vehicles, and $66 billion for passenger and freight trains. Additionally it is expected to allocate $7.5 billion to build a national network of electric vehicle charging stations. 

Sen. Collins said the legislation would also include $65 billion for expanded access to affordable broadband Internet. 

“Our goal is to ensure there is far greater access to high-speed Internet services,” Collins said.