Pastor Cancels Charlie Kirk Event Over Threats of Violence

The pastor of a Washington church was forced to cancel an appearance by Human Events contributor and conservative activist Charlie Kirk over threats of arson and violence by “radical terrorist mobs.” 

Roger Archer, senior pastor of Motion Church in Puyallup, Washington, said the appearance, scheduled for May 2, was met with threats to the church and community, the Washington Times reports. Thus, he had to cancel over fears of putting “soft targets in harm’s way.” 

“Upon hearing that Mr. Kirk was coming to our church, radical terrorist mobs like the ones that rallied on Capitol Hill in Seattle, they sprung into action,” Archer said in a video Friday. 

“They sprung with threatening declarations,” he said. “They vowed to not only burn our properties to the ground, but also brought threats of physical violence against our church leadership, our neighbors, their properties, and basically wreak havoc in our community, this precious community that we love.” 

He said that while the Puyallup Police Department had the church’s back, they “have limited resources to completely shut down a terrorist threat across our multiple locations.” 

The pastor also apologized to Kirk and criticized Washington Gov. Jay Inslee for the lack of protection. 

“While recent history has taught us that there is an apparent lack of interest at the state level of leadership to protect decent tax paying citizens, those terrorist mobs know that there is no consequence for their lawlessness,” he continued. “They have nothing to lose, and nothing to fear.”