Calls Mount for Economic Sanctions on Georgia: Here Are Some Important Questions

Following the passage of Georgia’s new voting law, calls are growing across the nation for a boycott of the state’s businesses. 

Some of the Peach State’s biggest companies – including Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines – as well as Atlanta sports teams have already spoken out against the new law. Others facing pressure to cater to the woke-left include Aflac, Home Depot and UPS. 

Essentially, if the companies don’t speak out, cancel them. 

Even Joe Biden supports it, marking the first time in American history that a sitting president called for the boycott of a state over legally passed legislation. 

In an interview, Biden said he would “strongly support”players who believe Major League Baseball should move the summer All-Star Game from Truist Stadium, the home of the Atlanta Braves. 

These calls stem from team-left, who believe the new voting law is “racist” and will disproportionately impact minority groups. 

In response to the egregious calls, The Federalist published some intriguing and important questions for Joe Biden. Here are just a few. 

Despite the democratic narrative that the law is racist, what will truly disproportionately affect minority groups is sanctions on Georgia’s businesses, considering African Americans make up 55 percent of Atlanta, 54 percent of Savannah and 55 percent of Augusta. 

Considering those numbers, is an economic boycott of the entire state really a good idea? 

Additionally, after moving the MLB All Star Game out of the state, will Joe Biden call for boycotts of The Masters, the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Atlanta Hawks along with UGA & Georgia Tech Football? 

How far will this go? 

Indeed, local, state and federal governments have different abilities when it comes to passing laws. The separation of branches allows for checks and balances, as well as the distribution of power. The law passed in the state of Georgia was done so in accordance with all laws. Yet, the state is still facing backlash. 

Moving forward, should state and local governments request approval from Joe Biden on legislation they are considering to avoid potential sanctions? Will Joe Biden call for economic sanctions on every state if they pass legislation he disagrees with? 

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) laid out just how absurd these team-left claims are in a video posted to Twitter.

“Here’s what the Georgia law says. It says that we are going to expand your access to the polls. It says that if you want water, we don’t want you to get republican water or democrat water while you’re in line. You can get it from a poll worker, a non-partisan person. It says that the polling hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m,” he said. 

“When you think about what actually occurred in Georgia, you have more early voting, you have more days to vote, you have more hours to vote, you have more flexibility of voting and on mail-in ballots, instead of signature verification, they want one of two things. They want your driver’s license number and if you don’t have a driver’s license, they want the last four of your social security. How can you have a legitimate conversation about something so sacred as voting? How can you distort the facts so terribly that you’re willing to bring back the concept of a poll tax or the concept of Jim Crow? You only do that when you have nothing to stand on,” he urged.