Jeff Webb and Will Chamberlain Appear on ‘The Charlie Kirk Show’ to Discuss Post-Trump GOP, Big Tech, More

“What I’m excited about is the fact that the republican party has been reoriented to I think a much stronger and more popular platform."

On Tuesday’s episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, host Charlie Kirk is joined by entrepreneur and Human Events Senior news editor and co-publisher Jeff Webb and Human Events Editor-in-Chief Will Chamberlain to discuss several topics: the future of the GOP, the post-Trump GOP, how to combat Big Tech and more.

The episode began with a discussion on the current climate of the republican party. Jeff Webb applauded the republican resilience following the 2020 election.

“The resilience is amazing. Many people predicted there was going to be this kind of depressing, almost hangover from the election and it’d be difficult for people to come back and get excited about the country and the movement and we’re seeing exactly the opposite,” Webb said.

“I think that it was a very sobering loss, there’s no doubt about it, and there was a lot of disappointment but it’s been interesting to see how people have not lost the momentum. They believe in the movement, they believe in the America first agenda…everybody is looking ahead,” he added.

Will Chamberlain said he’s excited about the reorientation of the party to a stronger platform.

“What I’m excited about is the fact that the republican party has been reoriented to I think a much stronger and more popular platform and that’s largely due to President Trump. When I started being more politically aware, it was frustrating to watch the republican party be the party of foreign wars, be the party of neoliberalism, generally,” Chamberlain said.

“Now I think we have a party that is much more aligned with American workers and it’s also much more aligned with generally looking out for their constituents,” he added. “We are well-positioned, coming out of the pandemic and with all the craziness the left is doing, to…take back power in the coming years,” he added.

In terms of Big Tech, Chamberlain explained what the GOP can and should do.

“They can stop taking money from Google and Facebook and all the Big Tech companies,” he said. “Don’t take money from companies that are censoring and harming your consumers…any GOP legislators who are still taking money from Google, they should stop.”

Webb urged that it’s ultimately up to the states to fight back against Big Tech.

“Because we don’t have any of the three branches of government, we are left to the states to fight the fight,” Webb said.

“The good news is that, in 23 states, we have the governorship and we have both houses of the legislature. This can be done, but it’s going to take leadership in these states. They can’t just sit and deal with minor issues. They have to understand that the national issues affect their state and their citizens as well. They’re our last line of defense right now,” he added.