Will Chamberlain & Brent Hamachek Discuss Team-Right 'Dissidents'

Human Events Director of Content & Operations Brent Hamacheck joined Will Chamberlain in a Periscope interview Thursday to discuss several topics, specifically how the American political landscape is changing drastically and those of us on team-right in 2020 are dissidents. 

They focused on Hamachek’s piece, “Understanding and Embracing the Role of the 21st Century American,” during which he discusses the aforementioned dissidents and the way forward. 

“We are now sitting in a situation where we have lost all of the important power structures in the country and we do not have the same rights that [team left] has, and that means that we are now dissidents and that means we are cast in a very long game,” Hamachek said. 

“This dissident movement that now is underway for us is going to produce a tremendous number of martyrs. We don’t need to produce them as if they’re a manufacturing line in Detroit. So, we don’t need to produce them on purpose. They’re going to get produced anyway and what we need are people in the fight who are able to continue to press forward within the system as they’re able to use it,” he added. 

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