Jeff Webb Appears on ‘The Charlie Kirk Show’ to Discuss the Middle Class, Big Tech, Healthcare and National Debt

On Monday’s episode of the Charlie Kirk Show, host Charlie Kirk is joined by entrepreneur and Human Events Senior news editor and co-publisher Jeff Webb to discuss several topics: the middle class, healthcare, national debt and how to build a successful business. 

“One of the things that has separated our country from the rest of the world, frankly, for the last 60 years has been the fact that we have this large and relatively affluent middle class,” Webb said. “Most countries are much more segmented, they have the great majority of the wealth at the top end, then kind of everybody else. Our middle class has been a key to our robust economic performance over all these years.”

Webb added that the middle class, which has been hurt the worst by the coronavirus pandemic, is the key to our country. 

“The middle class is so important to our country and making sure that people have an opportunity to do well and provide for their families and have a hopeful future, we all need to  be committed to this if we’re going to have the kind of country we want to have,” he said. 

Webb, an entrepreneur, tipped his hat to the large corporations from a business standpoint, but urged that this cannot continue. 

“Their companies have almost become countries to them. They’re more important than their country, it seems to me, and we’re seeing the result of that,” he said. “You take people like Mark Zuckerberg, all the Apple executives, Microsoft, my hat is off to them from a business standpoint. They built an incredible business and many of them from pretty meager means…however, what nobody expected was that through technology, these companies would become so powerful and have such a direct impact on our daily lives…it can’t go on like this, it has to be addressed.” 

In terms of the Big Tech censorship we have seen over the last month, Webb urged that states need to follow Florida in creating legislation to combat it. 

Towards the end of the episode, Kirk and Webb discussed healthcare. 

“I think that the republicans have been late to the switch, you can’t just be against something. You have to offer alternatives. Finding ways to get the relationship between the actual physician and the patient back into the picture is absolutely critical,” he said 

“There are so many physicians now that work for a hospital system, work for a big company, that more and more the patient’s right to know what is happening, not only what treatment they’re getting but how much it’s costing as they go along, what their alternatives are, a lot of times these are not even presented to the patient and people need to be able to be in control of their own decisions about their health and make those decisions,” he added.  

“There has to be so much more transparency, which we just don’t have.”