Beijing Warns Biden to Play By the CCP’s Rules…Or Else

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  • 09/21/2022

In a speech on Monday evening, China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi warned the Biden administration to stay in line, laying out several policies that should be followed.

“We expect the United States to honor its commitment under the three Sino-U.S. Joint Comminqués, strictly abide by the One China principle, and respect China’s position and concerns on the Taiwan question,” he said at a virtual event hosted by New York-based nonprofit the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.  

“The United States should stop interference in the affairs of Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang,” he said, calling the issues regarding the three regions China’s “internal affairs.” 

Yang added: “They constitute a red line that must not be crossed. Any trespassing would end up undermining China-U.S. relations and the United States’ own interests.” 

What a blatant threat: don’t do this or it’s over.

“On trade, China emphasizes that trade issues should not be politicized, and the concept of “national security” should not be abused,” he said. 

Yang called on Biden to “restore” the China-U.S. relationship to a “predictable and constructive track of development,” naming areas where the two countries can cooperate: drug control, military, cybersecurity. 

“There should be closer exchanges and cooperation between our militaries and in law enforcement, drug control and cyber security, and more communication and coordination on regional hotspot issues and on major global challenges such as poverty reduction through development, counterterrorism and nonproliferation,” he said. 

Yang continued to bash the Trump administration, saying that its “misguided policies” had led the relationship to “its most difficult period” since the two countries established diplomatic ties.” 

It seems the best way to win over the new administration is to trash the old one. 

Essentially, the bottom line is this: Beijing is ready to cooperate, but only on China’s terms. So, shape up, United States. 

U.S.-based China affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan said in a phone interview that the Chinese regime was using both soft and hard tactics to pressure Biden, in hopes of restarting official talks, the Epoch Times reports. 

This speech, according to Tang, would be an example of a soft approach, while recent incursions into Taiwan’s airspace and sanctions on former U.S. officials were hard tactics. 

Tang believes the Chinese regime wants to “revert back to a time when human rights and commerce were decoupled from each other” during negotiations, so that the regime can continue doing business with the United States, while disregarding human rights issues. 

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