Conservatism in a Time of War.

It’s time to win.

It is a surreal time to be an American right now. The nation we grew up loving is deteriorating faster than we could have ever imagined, and the institutions we have sustained for generations are tossing us to the wolves. Of these, the most despicably craven, by a mile, is the Republican Party.

They have capitulated to a Marxist uprising that has unshackled the worst excesses of the modern violent left.

The Republican Party has addressed the twin crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter riots in abysmal fashion. After failing to stand up for their core constituents as their livelihoods were torn away from them under draconian quarantine policies. As poor as the GOP response to COVID-19 has been, it’s their response to nationwide riots that I find most unforgivable. They have capitulated to a Marxist uprising that has unshackled the worst excesses of the modern violent left. Some of the worst examples  of this failure in leadership include Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s support of changing the arc of America’s future as a result of George Floyd’s death, and, of course, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s quickly accepting the Bubba Wallace noose hoax for much the same reason.

The confused, stupefied American masses, already reeling from COVID-19 propaganda, now see the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement triumphant before them, parading around like a conquering horde, and exercising raw power with complete impunity. In desperation, and with no alternative leadership, this public has coalesced around BLM. Opinion polls show that the BLM cause is wildly popular, far more popular than the President, Congress, and both major political parties. Moreover, any person who contradicts the dogma of the group is castigated and removed from society. Amid all this, conservatives leaders are preoccupied with snivelling and equivocating (like Indiana Senator Mike Braun), even after they are viciously defamed by their opposition. The public respects strength—and that is what they are seeing from BLM rioters, not Republican leaders.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Democrats are rising in the polls, and, as a result, rapidly gaining momentum despite the raving derelict at the top of their ticket. Standing up against the rising tide of left-wing extremism should have been the recipe for sweeping GOP victory in November. Republicans have, instead, blown an easy win by kowtowing to the mob and demonizing law enforcement.

The silver lining to our leadership’s utter failure, however, is the blooming of conservative grassroots, which have not been as spineless as their party leaders.

Black Lives Matter riot in Minneapolis.

Black Lives Matter riot in Minneapolis.


The conservative grassroots is once again stepping up to fill the void left by the weak Republican leadership. From my own Defend Teddy Roosevelt rally in New York City, where over 200 patriots stood up against the removal of the Equestrian Roosevelt statue that welcomes millions each year to the American Museum of Natural History, to the Back the Blue rallies that are springing up throughout the country in places like Nebraska, Florida, and Virginia, to Operation Gridlock in Michigan—and who could forget the recent “Bar Lives Matter” protests in Texas. The conservative grassroots is expressing the rage of the silent majority, the righteous anger against a movement expressing utter contempt for ordinary Americans.

If Republican cowardice sinks President Trump and, with him, our nation’s future in November, it must not be forgotten who sold the country out when their courage was needed the most.

Meanwhile, BLM activists continue to openly jeer at police officers, longtime members of working class America. They point guns at motorists for trying to get home from long day’s work. They punish homeless people by burning their possessions or blasting them with fireworks—just senseless acts of destruction. This is no longer about worker solidarity, limiting corporate power, or getting higher wages for workers. This is a mobocracy. It is past time to summon our inner Cato the Elder to muster the courage needed to protect our civilization no matter the cost; the normalization of these intolerable acts cannot happen.

President Donald Trump, to his credit, has received the message loud and clear, understanding that inaction is unacceptable in these precarious times. He has threatened statue vandals with severe prison terms and directed that riot leaders be apprehended and charged. Fox News host Tucker Carlson, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Sen. Tom Cotton of Texas, and a small handful of others have also remained steadfast.

But most of our other Republican leaders lag far behind. As such, we, the conservative grassroots, should remind them of the consequences they face if they do not immediately get their act together. They must be made aware that their electorate will demand a purge if victory is not achieved in November. If Republican cowardice sinks President Trump and, with him, our nation’s future in November, it must not be forgotten who sold the country out when their courage was needed the most.

The attitude of “we’ll get ’em next time” will not cut it this time around. The normal excuses—blaming volunteers, theorizing about voter fraud, complaining about biased media coverage—will not suffice. If they continue in their course, GOP leaders will be remembered as the traitors who went AWOL on the battlefield of this modern Civil War, and they must all pay a heavy price for desertion. This goes beyond one election. The left-wing mob has tasted victory and are making their power play. If we do not fight the mob by showing that America’s promise has always been expanding Liberty, we are doomed in their ongoing cultural revolution.

As Sen. Cotton said, give “no quarter” to our soulless enemies. That is the credo of the war-time conservative.

Written By:

Gavin Wax is the 73rd President of the New York Young Republican Club, Chairman of the Association of Young Republican Clubs, Digital Director of the Young Republican National Federation, and an Associate Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. You can follow him on Twitter at @GavinWax.