Sundays for the Subs: Iran, UK Forced Abortions, and More…

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  • 09/21/2022

On the latest episode of Sundays for the Subs, Will Chamberlain, Raheem Kassam, and Ian Miles Cheong discussed all things Iran, abortion, the future of Human Events, and more.

As regards Iran, the Human Events team talked about the latest updates, Trump's foreign policy, and possible scenarios moving forward as well as how to address them. They also discussed Iran's relationship with Russia and China, and the timing of the recent events.

Next up was the topic of abortion in the UK. This was in reference to a recent case where a judge ruled a disabled woman must have an abortion despite both her and her mother wanting to keep the baby. It was explained how abortion is not as much as a hot topic in the UK as in the United States. There are also a multitude of unknowns regarding the woman, her disability, her financial situation, et cetera. However because how extreme this case is, it brings up a broader discussion of government overreach.


Kassam also touched upon what will most likely happen with the Conservative Party leadership election in the UK, and how this election will impact Brexit moving forward.

The last half hour of the show, multiple members joined the discussion to ask questions and comment on topics of their choice.

One of the main focuses of the member discussion was what can be expected from Human Events going forward, including suggestions for new types of content down the road.

Raheem, Ian, and Will all encouraged members to reach out with suggestions and to stay active. Human Events is not only about building a site and content, but a community.



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