Brexit Party Now Tops NATIONAL Election Poll: Prime Minister Farage?

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  • 08/21/2022

Britain's new Brexit Party has taken another step towards it motto's goal to "Change Politics for Good" as an opinion poll places the Farage group in first place for a Westminster Parliament national general election.

The party – founded just seven weeks ago – has already broken numerous records and made history. They may be on course to do it again.

New research by Opinium puts Farage's party first in Westminster parliamentary seats, with 26 per cent of the national vote. The Labour Party – supposedly Her Majesty's Official Opposition – pulls in 22 per cent, while the Conservative Party languishes on 17 per cent.

The news follows the dramatic Brexit Party victory at the recent European Parliamentary elections.

Putting this in terms of seats in the House of Commons, the Brexit Party would end a General Election in the United Kingdom with 306 seats, just 20 short of a majority.

Labour would have 205 seats, the Conservative Party would win just 26 seats, and the Liberal Democrats would experience a small boost with 33 seats.

Two weeks ago Human Events reported the comments by former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon, who told Human Events Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam during a radio interview: “if there is a general election in the fall, we might be talking about Prime Minister Nigel Farage.”

Mr. Bannon's predictions may well be coming true.

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The Brexit Party faces another test of popularity and resources on June 6th, when a by-election (special election) for a seat in the House of Commons is voted upon by residents in Peterborough.

Farage and the Brexit Party have descended on the town, hoping to make it the party's first seat in Westminster.

Adam Drummond, from Opinium, said: “All of the big winners from the European elections have seen some sort of a boost, with the Brexit party adding another two points to move into first place, while Labour have fallen back significantly. While the Lib Dems have experienced a boost, the underreported story from the elections and since then has been the Greens, who have gained eight points since our last poll.

“While the Brexit party and the Lib Dems have been taking votes from Leavers and Remainers respectively, the Greens are unique in taking votes from both sides of the Brexit divide."



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