Bannon: ‘Trump’s doing a Tremendous Job’ on China

Former White House Chief Strategist and CEO of the 2016 Trump Campaign Stephen K. Bannon talked with guest host and Global Editor-in-Chief of Human Events Raheem Kassam on the ‘Buck Sexton Show’ May 14th about China and President Trump’s policy in regards to China.

As pointed out by Kassam, Bannon has been discussing China for years, increasingly so in the past few weeks.

Bannon stated, “it’s as important an issue as the United States has ever faced.”

Kassam, referring to a recent op-ed Bannon wrote for the Washington Post, inquired as to whether Bannon suspected the policies of the Trump Administration may lead to the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party.

Bannon replied, “The President is doing an excellent job here positioning [the trade deal], negotiating,” calling the recent trade deal less of a trade deal and more of a “armistice” in an economic war run by China against the industrial west.

“Everybody’s talking about what China’s doing to eviscerate the manufacturing base of industrial democracy.”    – Stephen K. Bannon

He continued to explain the eventual collapse of the Chinese Communist Party will have to come from the Chinese people; but the first step towards action from within is to combat China in their economic war.

Bannon noted that on his travels through the industrialized west, giving the example of Berlin, “Everybody’s talking about China, what China’s doing to basically eviscerate the manufacturing base of industrial democracy.”

President Trump worked for nearly a year to construct the trade deal.

Bannon praised Trump’s efforts, explaining, “[The Chinese] knew exactly what [the deal] was focused around: transparency and accountability; and that was going to be handled by a deep monitoring and also the ability of enforcement.”

He adds the Chinese knew this would begin the dismantling of its state capitalism and they believe they can challenge the west.

China has been working in recent years to expand their global economic influence. As the former Breitbart chief explained, Trump’s deal was a strong effort to thwart the expansions and preserve the industrialized west. According to Bannon, the deal Trump was able to negotiate is unlike any President has done.

Bannon believes China is not only largely why Trump won in 2016, but is going to be a key issue in the 2020 presidential election. 

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