Leftist Gamers Freak Out As Nintendo Announces Tel Aviv Store

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  • 08/21/2022

Nintendo recently announced plans to open a new retail store in Tel Aviv, Israel at one of the nation's largest malls. Israeli gamers were ecstatic, but the woke boys at ResetEra took so much offense from Nintendo’s effort that site moderators had to lock down the thread.

Not long after the thread went live, it was inundated with pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli sentiments, some of which verged on anti-Semitism.

“Crimea next, I take it?”

#FreePalestine-like sentiments, following the pro-Palestine BDS or “boycott, divest, sanction” movement in the United States were mentioned on the gaming site.

“Crimea next, I take it?” wrote one commenter, referencing Russia’s annexation of the formerly Ukrainian region.

“An apartheid state isn't a great place to open a store in. Shameful from Nintendo,” wrote another.

“Of all the fucking places #FreePalestine,” is the prevailing sentiment on the thread. Others echoed with comments like “That’s weird and weirdly stupid,” and “I do not recognize this as an official store,” playing on Israeli’s refusal to recognize the "State of Palestine" as a functioning country.

“Are they going to bulldoze over an already existing Sony store?” wrote one commenter.

[caption id="attachment_176471" align="alignnone" width="4032"] Donkey Kong in the Nintendo Manhattan store[/caption]

Numerous commenters called for a boycott of Nintendo for the move.

One remarked that ResetEra forums were “genuinely woke now, and not in the US liberal way,” adding that there were “some great people on the forum”

“Fuck this move by Nintendo and Free Palestine,” he stated, adding that he was present at a Free Palestine demonstration in London and saw Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi speak, among, and I quote, “many other brilliant speakers, absolutely wonderful.”

Tamimi and her family often denounce Israel, and her efforts have earned her no shortage of detractors, including the Washington Post, which covered an event in 2017 when several Palestinian women attacked an IDF officer and tried to use social media as a platform to provoke other soldiers into a violent response.

Her claim to infamy was when she was captured on film slapping and biting an officer after he attempted to arrest a younger sibling, whom the IDF accused of throwing stones at soldiers. Her antics earned her the nickname of “Shirley Temper.”

In addition to decrying the existence of Israel, several users suggested that the company should’ve instead opened a store in one of Nintendo’s existing PAL-region countries, or even its neighboring states to court an Arab audience. Presumably they are unaware that 20 per cent of Israel's 9 million population are Arabs.

Nintendo isn’t the only game company to open a store in Israel.

Both Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo’s largest rivals, have boutique stores in the country. However, Nintendo’s expected to uphold some higher standard of wokeness despite their relatively apolitical stance in the content of their video games.

Users who dared speak against the mob were swiftly banned from the forum.

Users who dared speak against the mob were swiftly banned from the forum. One user, AkimbOb omb, was banned for making “inflammatory generalizations and misrepresenting other members” after he commented that users surprised by the amount of wokeness on the forum shouldn’t be surprised by the anti-Israeli rhetoric present on ResetEra given their predilection towards anti-imperialism and anti-Semitism, which he called “systemic issues throughout the radical left.”

“You are in ‘good company’ on this board,” he wrote.

Curiously, none of the commenters who called for the destruction of Israel were banned from posting on the forum. They’re in “good company,” indeed.

Tel Aviv will be the second city after New York to have its very own Nintendo store, just a month after the company opened its online store in Israel. Tokyo won’t even get its own retail outlet until later this fall.

According to Geektime.co.il, Nintendo hasn’t had an official presence in Israel for the longest time, but has in recent weeks stormed into the local market with a significant leap forward with the opening of a retail store.

Fans of the Japanese gaming publisher were previously forced to purchase their products in parallel import or buy them from other countries. With the introduction of its online store and retail presence, Nintendo plans to offer a phone support service, a service laboratory with original Nintendo parts, and even support for local game developers to produce games for the Nintendo Switch. The store is, according to the article, one of the company’s most significant steps in terms of attaining a foothold in the Israeli market, and it has big plans for the space, which is spread over 150 square meters. It opens in June.



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