EXCLUSIVE: Internal Brexit Party Models Show UKIP on ZERO Seats at EuroParl Elections

Nigel Farage campaigns for the Brexit Party

Election forecasting provided to Human Events reveals the Brexit Party hopes to win up to 27 seats in the European Parliamentary elections in May, beating the UK Independence Party’s record of 24 seats in 2014.

The forecast, based on a recent YouGov poll, also reveals the Brexit Party expects to totally wipe out UKIP at the election, leaving them with zero seats in the European Parliament.

The scenario is a disaster situation for Gerard Batten’s UKIP which currently polls at around 4 per cent in the national vote, though the party is expected to fare better in early May’s local elections where no Brexit Party candidates are available.

The scenario, as seen above, would give the Brexit Party a whopping 27 seats in the European Parliamentary chamber, trouncing the Labour Party (19) and potentially dealing a death blow to Theresa May’s Conservative Party, which could end up with as few as 10 seats.

The Green Party is expected to take 4 seats, while the Liberal Democrats would get 3.

The Change UK/The Independent Group – an anti-Brexit breakaway of establishment Conservative and Labour MPs – could pick up 3 seats in the south of England, while the anti-independence Scottish National Party would take 4.

The UKIP vs Brexit Party saga intensified this week as UKIP leader Gerard Batten accused Nigel Farage of running a “Tory lite” slate of candidates – despite many of Farage’s would-be MEPs being previous non-partisan, or indeed from the political left.

Farage and Richard Tice rally to huge crowds ahead of the European Parliamentary elections

Batten described Farage’s group as a “wholly owned subsidiary of one man’s ego” and a “safety valve for disaffected Tories”.

Meanwhile, Human Events revealed yesterday how Batten originally refused to speak at the ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ rallies in London in the summer of 2018.

In a text message from June 6th 2018, Batten said: “I am not sure I want to attend this [Free Tommy] demo. Most I have never heard of. Only Geert Wilders one I would like to share a platform with.”

Batten described Farage’s group as a “wholly owned subsidiary of one man’s ego” and a “safety valve for disaffected Tories”.

In another text dated Friday, June 29th 2018, he said: “Very wary after the rough stuff at the last one. I know Tommy was dismayed at that, counter productive”.

Earlier this week, the website of one of the major South West of England branches of the UK Independence Party was suspended by its owner who left a message on the site stating he would “not under any circumstances countenance any support for Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad for the position of Member of [European] Parliament for the South West Region.”

The poll by YouGov interviewed a higher than usual number of participants in order to be more accurate than the failed Brexit surveys.

Over 5,000 UK adults were asked their voting preferences over a three day period in late April.

The European Parliamentary Elections will take place at the end of May 2019, with populist-nationalist parties expected to gain across the continent.

Farage recently weighed into the discussion about a visit by President Trump to the United Kingdom slated for June. The Speaker of the House of Commons is expected to snub the visit for the second time, failing to offer the U.S. President the opportunity to address Parliament. Speaker Bercow was incredibly sympathetic to President Obama’s visits, and accommodated a speech in Westminster Hall – one of the highest honors a U.S. President could receive when visiting the nation.

Farage told the Washington Examiner: “The speaker of the House of Commons is supposed to be neutral. This guy is obviously biased, acting for his own political interest and certainly not in the national interest. I think the guy is a complete disgrace.”

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