Bakers Union President: We Knew Hostess Could Die

Frank Hurt

Bakers Union President Frank Hurt released a statement yesterday after Hostess closed all of its American plants.
Hurt said the union knew Hostess could die.
They went on strike anyway and today 18,000 more Americans are out of work.
The Biz Journal reported, via RedState:

“Our members decided they were not going to take any more abuse from a company they have given so much to for so many years. They decided that they were not going to agree to another round of outrageous wage and benefit cuts and give up their pension only to see yet another management team fail and Wall Street vulture capitalists and ‘restructuring specialists’ walk away with untold millions of dollars.

“Throughout this long and difficult process, BCTGM members showed tremendous courage, solidarity and devotion to principle. They were well aware of the potential consequences of their actions but stood strong for dignity, justice and respect.”

Oh well, at least Frank still has a job.