???Champion of the little guy??? closes public beach so he can hobnob with Hollywood fatcats

The weird performance art of the Obama campaign ??? in which an imperial elitist tries to see how many people he can fool into accepting him as a ???champion of the little guy,??? while concealing his arrogance as little as possible ??? swung through Connecticut on Monday.

An Associated Press report describes protesters greeting the President with chants of ???hey, hey, ho, ho, Barack Obama???s got to go??? as he rolled into his 196th fundraiser at the Stamford Mariott ??? a relatively inexpensive affair that cost as little as $500 per person to attend.  The protesters reportedly dined on Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

But the real money awaited later that evening, as Obama raked in $35,800 per plate from a dinner at the home of Hollywood fatcat Harvey Weinstein, hosted by actresses Anne Hathaway and Joanne Woodward.  No word on whether Hathaway asked Obama to recite some of her favorite Bane dialogue from The Dark Knight Rises.  A fun party game would have involved bringing in a mob to trash Weinstein???s estate, then declaring ???it???s everybody???s house now!???

The President???s visit necessitated the closing of the Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, which shut down a public beach on a hot summer day.  The AP quoted some unhappy state Republican officials:

??????It is the arrogance of power and crass partisanship to shut down Sherwood Isle at the height of the summer vacation season and dislodge all these families,?????? House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk, said in a statement. ??????It is outrageous that the Democrats turn Sherwood Isle into a personal heliport for the president so that he can be ferried back and forth to hobnob with millionaires and billionaires for the day.??????

Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. said the closure came on a day when temperatures climbed in the 90s.

??????And while 50 guests pay $35,800 per person to hobnob with President Obama and movie celebrities and Governor Malloy at Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein???s six-acre beachfront estate in Westport, area families and their children will not be able to go to the beach today because the President???s helicopter is parked there,?????? Labriola said in a statement.

The Obama campaign referred these complaints to the Secret Service, ???which says it works hard with state and local authorities to minimize the public impact and to make any necessary closures and inconveniences as brief as possible,??? according to the AP report.